Monday Morning Dispatch: Hoops, Red Wings & (Sigh) Tiger

reporter1Among my crowd, it’s known as the Edgar Sosa play. Others have referred to it as the Siva Clear Out.

You local hoopaholics know what I’m talking about. With less than a shot clock to play, the Cardinals have the ball, game tied or one down. Four guys clear out, allowing Edgar or Russ or Peyton or Reece to tom tom the ball until there are about 6 or 7 ticks left, then they might drive, perhaps dish, or, more often than one might expect, stop and pop a long range jumper.

Sometimes it works. Like the time, Louisville tried to blow a UK game, but Sosa had his One Shining Moment as a Card. Often it does not.

It always causes consideration — Why don’t they run a regular play? — and too often, consternation. Especially when it fails. Like in all those OTs at South Bend.

Well, yesterday, proved it’s not just Cardinal fans forced to endure these half- and game-ending moments.

Mark Jackson went there with his Golden State squad in Game #4 of that NBA Western Division first round series with the Spurs.

The last time I considered Jarrett Jack, he was a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket and Francisco Garcia and gang were eviscerating the Rambling Wreck in a 2d round NC2A game in Nashville. And here he was years later for the resurgent Warriors, tom toming the ball, score tied, with a chance to even the series against favorite San Antonio.

He jacked up that Sosa-ish threeball. (Pun absolutely intended.) Missed it. Overtime.

All’s well that ends well, one must suppose. The team from Cali ruled the extra time, evening up the most entertaining of the first round NBA playoff matchups.

* * * * *

Just when sitting at home on a beautiful if brisk late Sunday afternoon seemed justified, just when Johnny Miller was starting to salivate in the TV booth over the prospects of a scintillating mano a mano finish to the Players Championship, Sergio the Lesser (always the lesser) with a chance to grab Tiger by the tail, got in touch with his inner Roy McAvoy. (You remember, Kevin Costner in “Tin Cup.”)

At the world’s most famous golf hole, the 17th, he dropped his tee shot in the drink.

Then did it again.

Jeff Maggert got the wobbles.

David Lingmerth couldn’t drain a 150 footer on the 72d.

Meaning Tiger Woods and that blonde ski bunny of his had reason to celebrate last night.

Lachlan MaClean’s show ought to be interesting tonight.

* * * * *

Because I stayed up until 1:00 in the a.m., watching 7th seeded Detroit master the Mighty Ducks in a first round Game #7 on the ice in Disneyland, I feel compelled to mention it here.

So I have. Next up, the Black Hawks.

Have I mentioned before how Stanley Cup hockey is arguably, game in and game out, the most exciting of the professional post seasons? Yes, I have.

* * * * *

I have one suggestion for the Big Blue Nation today.


I know that Wiggins kid has announced that he will announce tomorrow where he’ll be matriculating academically next school year, where he’ll be taking his considerable basketball talents. He’ll do it at a “private ceremony.” Fellow students, family and but one media representative as a pool reporter.

I mean, really, why don’t these kids simply say where they’re going, then pick up their dates and go to the prom?

Breathe, BBN, breathe.

– Seedy K


  1. Birdie King
    Posted May 17, 2013 at 12:12 am | Permalink

    Pitino has no end of game or end of half play. I watched for years at UK and here. The guy with the ball stands out front and pounds the ball until about five seconds left and either throws it up and drives to the hoop while everyone else stands around. There is no play !

  2. fred
    Posted May 17, 2013 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    Knowing that Pitino keeps stats on EVERYTHING, I would love to know the conversion percentage of the Siva high ball screen/clearout in terms of drawing a foul or converting a basket. We haven’t done the Sosa long ball since Edgar left. For the high ball screen, there is never enough time for a second option. If the guard waits for 6 seconds, it’s down to five once he goes into motion and there is no chance for anything but a forced layup. A pass leads to a fumble or a late shot. i’m sure they have a stat for % conversion of a two point basket.

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