Out To Lunch: Last Sports Thoughts Before JazzFest

out lunchYeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I haven’t been showing up here much for the last little bit.

Let’s just say I’ve been savoring that sublime national championship and leave it at that.

And, this is a last report before I head down on my annual pilgrimage to New Orleans JazzFest. I shall be blogging pretty much daily from the Crescent City on the music, food and general all around bon homie. You can follow me at my web site, which is here.

Links to those blogs shall also be posted on my Facebook page.

So, hey, stop in at those spots.

Obviously if there’s some major development in the world of athletics that needs my opinionization, I shall endeavor to do so. Caveat emptor, the page is likely to be spotted with crawfish strudel drippings.

* * * * *

Though I’ll be in New Orleans, rest assured I shan’t weigh in on the Zurich Open, which is being contested there this weekend. Could. Care. Less.

Nor shall you read a syllable about the NFL draft, because, well, because . . . who is their right mind really gives a shit. Sorry, Mel.

* * * * *

Cardinal fans are obviously pleased as punch that Russ Smith is coming back for his senior year. I know I am.

I expected that’s what he’d do, given his waffling, but had no inside info, so I didn’t weigh in before the announcement.

It is clear that this championship squad was a special group off the court as well as on. They are a tight gang. Russ is staying. Chane isn’t even messing with the draft.


* * * * *

Because I’m a hoopaholic, I’ve been watching some of the NBA playoffs. The games can get mighty tense this time of year.

I meant to write a piece about the Nuggets, after they captured Game #1 against Golden State, behind Andre Miller’s boffo performance. No superstars. Under the radar. But deep and well coached.

Then they went and were crushed in Game #2.

So, I’m simply going to sit back and enjoy. And try to remember where the guys who played in college actually played? Without googling it up.

Didn’t he ball for a year at Ohio State? I remember that guy, he played against U of L, but who was it for?

* * * * *

While few of you have been paying attention, there’s been a couple of stunning developments in European soccer.

Yesterday, in the first leg of the Champions League semis, Barcelona was throttled by Bayern Munich. 4 zed.

As if that wasn’t surprising enough, Dortmund drew and quartered Real Madrid today. 4-1. Robert Lewandowski scored the hat trick +1.

Fans in Germany: Happy.

Fans in Spain: Not so.

Okay, kids, I’m outta here.

– Seedy K


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  1. david
    Posted April 25, 2013 at 5:10 pm | Permalink

    I agree that no one should care about the NFL draft, but the New Orleans Open is different. The young Chinese 14 year old is playing and it will be interesting to see how he follows up his incredible showing in the Maters. That performance, whether you like it or not will go down as one of the top athletic feats of the year.

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