Ten Reasons To Stay Home Saturday

Chips? ✔

Dip? ✔

Crudités (Eat at least one little carrot and piece of cauliflower, so you can dupe yourself into thinking  you’re eating healthy.) ✔

Beverages chilled? ✔

Impellizzeri’s on speed dial? ✔

These, my fellow hoopaholics, are not supplies for Super Sunday. The avocados will have to wait another day before they become guacamole.

I’m talking about tomorrow. A Saturday filled from before noon to bedtime with zesty matchups. Barcoloungers beware. Ye shall be occupied.

#1 Cincy @ Seton Hall. In the days of yesteryear, we had to wait until noon on Saturdays for opening tip. No more. The World Wide Leader, a benevolent dictator, has bestowed a favor upon us. Brunch with the Big East. The feisty Bearcats remain under the pundits’ radar. Kevin Willard’s Pirates are fighting for relevancy. A pleasant late morning tilt to enjoy with croissants and Eggs Benedict. Pass the Hollandaise s’il vous plait.

#2 Syracuse @ Pitt. The Orange are two games up in the loss column in league play. (Along with Marquette, which comes a callin’ to the Yum! Sunday, where they’ll be greeted by a hungry Cardinal squad in very stylin’ new white unis.) A loss at 17-5 Pitt would bring Boeheim’s bunch back to the field. The Panthers have a shot.

#3 Duke @ Florida State. The Seminoles always give the Blue Devils a hard time in Tallahassee. It’s a good thing. Always worth tuning in to see if Duke falls three games behind to surging Miami in U of L’s future conference. No better excuse to pop a fresh can open than Coach K walking off the court with an L.

#4 Colorado @ Utah. The Buffaloes have cooled a bit. They’re only 4-4 in league play, but have won their last 3. A W over the Utes will give them momentum to burst their bubble. Plus we’ll probably get Marques Johnson, a PAC homer if ever there was one, doing color. Unless it’s Bill Walton’s effusive exhortations on every play.

#5 Oklahoma State @ Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk doesn’t lose at home much when it comes to conference play. This year, they haven’t lost at either at Allen or on the road. But the Cowboys have lots of potential, spelled Marcus Smart and Bryan Nash. I’m smelling upset here.

#6 Wichita State @ Northern Iowa. No reason to wait for Arch Madness to consider the MoValley. The Shockers lead the league (along with Creighton). The Panthers, standing at 11-11 are a might down this season. But this one has trap game written all over it.

Seedy K’s Dining Tip: Order your pizza during the first half of this one. Remember Bennie Impellizzeri doesn’t deliver. You’ll need to pick up your pie before the Cats tip off.

#7 Kentucky @ Texas A&M. Can you spell payback? They’re liable to be dredging the Rio Grande for blocked Aggie rocks Nerlens Noel has dispatched into the muddy. Maybe Francine will be in the house.

#8 Ole Miss @ Florida. Why aren’t folks talking about the Gators? Bill Donovan’s crew is 7-0 in league play. Average margin of victory: 28 points. That’s not a typo. The Gators have won by 33, 22, 19, 31, 17 (Must have had an off night in Athens.), 35 and 39. If his less than stellar performance against the Cats didn’t chasten Marshall Henderson, this one will shut his trap.

#9 Michigan @ Indiana. This is the big one of the day, the one we’re all waiting to watch, Digger and Dickie V’s presence on the soundtrack notwithstanding. Both legit top liners come tourney time. Both playing well. Be sure to get up and stretch before tip.

Feel free to wash down your day’s repast with some bedtime milk and cookies. Unless, you’re ready for more. And there is more. It’s too late to stop now.

#10 Gonzaga @ San Diego. Okay, I gotta admit. I confused San Diego with San Diego State. My bad. The Toreros are only 11-11, not 16-4 and ranked in the Top 25 like the crosstown Aztecs. But, hey, I’m punch drunk just from contemplating the morrow. One reason to tune in is to see if former future U of L superstar Angel Nunez is sitting on Few’s bench in civvies?

Remember there’s no reason to sit through any commercials. There are more than a score more tilts to check out when play stops in the game you’re watching.

Now, get some rest. The Cards play Sunday. Then there’s that little football game. And all that guac and chips to consume.

– Seedy K



  1. Bobby Bellarmine
    Posted February 1, 2013 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    Totally agree with your comments on Billy D’s Gators who have played everybody anywhere…. I think he learned he had to toughen up a little bit after last year’s Final 8. Anybody who needs a break from the tube and wants to see some fine live action should trot on over to Knights Hall for maybe the last visit from Ky Wesleyan ever. Tix will be scarce though.

  2. david
    Posted February 1, 2013 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

    Also check out U of L women at YUM at 2. A big Big East game (especially for opponent Georgetown). If you haven’t seen the girls check em out. You might just like it if you can make yourself remember that men’s and women’s basketball are two different games. As Silent L says, he watches women’s game to learn fundamentals.
    Jeff Walz is a fabulous coach. They are 18-4 and he has five girls out with injuries, all of whom would either start or get lots of minutes. I don’t know how he does it. And they gave away two games because they missed free throws in last minute. In that respect the men’s and women’s teams are alike!!

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