Monthly Archives: February 2013

U of L’s New Newest Unis

So nice they did it twice. More is less. For the second time this season, Cardinal shoe pontiff Adidas has decreed a change in uniforms. I love the ones the Cards have been wearing. Simple. Elegant. It’s not that I hate these new threads, it’s just . . . why? – Seedy K

Louisville Card File: DePaul

Love this quote from Louisville’s coach after last night’s win: “If you want to be a good basketball team, you have to go inside out.” The gotcha is that the coach is Jeff Walz, mentor of the U of L women’s team which beat Seton Hall 72-62. Not Rick Pitino, whose men’s squad battered its […]

Sunday Morning PG: Billikens Bop; Hoyas, Lobos Rock; ‘Canes Roll(over)

Making this deliciously competitive and entertaining college hoops season even more enjoyable have been the spate of overtime games. It seems like there are one or two every day now. Just yesterday there were four such tilts in the SEC alone. Not only UK’s single OT W over Mizzou, but  Georgia needed an extra five […]

Louisville Card File: Seton Hall (Special Memory Lane Edition)

I had the pleasure during the game yesterday of sitting next to Bud Olsen and Don Goldstein, Cardinal stars of my youth. More on that interaction, after a breakdown, such as it is, of the slogfest W over woeful Seton Hall. * * * * * Not sure there’s a lot of insight to be […]

Sports World Sound Off: Thursday Edition

Because TWill always craved attention first and foremost, I’ll allow him to grab the spotlight this morning. In his first regular season appearance of the year — he’s got a 10 day contract with the Celtics — he played 13 minutes against the Lakers last night, scoring a deuce, grabbing 2 rebounds and committing 2 […]

Louisville Card File: South Florida

I’m a believer in numbers. While statistics never tell the entire tale, they help illuminate a team’s strengths and weaknesses. On occasion, they also lie. Which happened yesterday. I also believe in the eye test. Watching how a game, or the games within a game, unfold, provides significant perspective. On occasion, the eye test also […]

Sunday Morning PG: Some Play Smart, Some Don’t

If Kentucky fans think the dysfunction that plagues this year’s woefully immature squad couldn’t get any worse, I must disagree. It could have been. Think how the presence of Shabazz Muhammad might affect the chemistry of this edition of the Cats. In a game recently, UCLA beat UDub on a last second shot by Larry […]

Louisville Card File: St. John’s

My three favorite moments last night mostly came with the clock stopped. Off the court. During his post game interview with Paul Rogers as “Star of the Game,” Russ Smith, when asked whether he had really posted the internet apology for his poor play at Notre Dame, said (to paraphrase), “Yes. I take full responsibility […]

Thursday Hoops Report: Cards, Cats, Boeheim Blisters, Rams Rock & Mo’

While you are busy perusing every inch of Kate Upton’s bodypainted “swimsuit” in the the throne-room-only slobberfest known as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, allow me to fill you in with the latest on our other annual winter’s delight. Otherwise known as the World of College Hoops. * * * * * ESPN’s Andy Katz turned […]

State of the Union in Louisville Cardinal Land

While at a point far enough along in my dotage that little really surprises me anymore, my pal Bruce pulled the trick today at lunch. Neither of us fully recovered from that loss that still stings — the slogfest that turned into a five overtime DiggerFiesta under the smiling gaze of Trey Ball Jesus — […]