Hump Day Hoops: Who’s Hot? Who’s Not?

The Vanderbilt Commodores were hot.

They hit 17 threes against Ole Miss at home.

And lost. On a three at the buzzer.

Sometimes being really hot is . . . not so hot.

* * * * *

NC State was hot.

The Wolfpack beat previously unbeaten Duke over the weekend.

Tonight they lost at Maryland. On a Pervis-Ellison-against-Duke-in-the-national-championship-game put in by Alex Len, off a Jeff-Hall-against-Duke-in-the-national-championship-game missed jumper by teammate Pe-Shon Howard.

At the buzzer. Okay, not really. There was still 9/10ths of a second on the clock.

The Terrapins got the ball with a smidge over 12 seconds to play. NC state had two fouls to give to shorten the game. Mike Gottfried, who has never been accused of basketball genius, only used one of them. Allowing Maryland to execute the game winning play. Not so hot.

Maryland’s students, apparently suffering from cabin fever though winter’s just started, stormed the court. After a narrow W over the #14 ranked school in the land. Not so hot.

I said it the other day. I’ll say it again. NC State doesn’t scare me. Talented, but . . . not well coached. Not very disciplined. Prone to be punks. Not so hot.

* * * * *

Who was it the other day that said Kyle Wiltjer would never be a factor for Kentucky?

Oh yeah, me. Not so hot.

Wiltjer against the Volunteers. Hot.

17 points. 5 rebounds. 2 assists. Assertive at both ends of the court. His best game as a Wildcat.

And, mea culpa, I was also the guy who said Julius Mays was a Cat of little consequence. Until, of course, he hit two key threes in a row against Tennessee. Hot.

* * * * *

Not a basketball note.

Monte Te’0 used to be hot. Really hot.

Not only to the nation’s Golden Dome adoring press. But also to a comely lass named Lennay Kekua, who was his “girlfriend.” Until she was in a car crash. And later died of cancer on the same day as his grandmother.

Except for a minor discrepancy of fact. It seems Lenny Kekua never existed. The Irish LB says he was a victim of a hoax. He used to say she visited him in Hawaii. Notre Dame’s Damage Control Squad is out in full force.

Not so hot.

* * * * *

Rick Pitino gave Denny Crum serious props in his post game presser after the Cards eviscerated UConn. Hot.

* * * * *

Wisconsin. Now 4-0 in “the nation’s toughest basketball conference.” Hot.

Indiana hit 37% against the Badgers. Including 3/12 from beyond the arc. Not so hot.

* * * * *

During the telecast of the Hoosiers’ L at home to the Badgers, The World Wide Leader showed a good bit of what is heralded as “the best timeout in basketball.” They play the William Tell Overture. The cheer squad runs around the court with big crimson and cream banners. Nice. Traditional. But . . . you know, kind of old school cool . . . not really that hot.

How could any timeout be better than a Kroger Krewe T-shirt toss at “The World’s Most Spectacular Arena?” Am I right, Dude, or am I right?

And that first season at “TWMSA” when they parachuted t-shirts from the rafters?

Now that was smokin’ hot.

– Seedy K


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