Sunday Afternoon PG: None Is The Loneliest Number

Well, we’ll see how Louisville’s Cardinals cope with a target on their back. Unless IU jumps U of L in the polls, an unlikely move at this juncture, the Cards will be #1 by the time they land in Connecticut for Big Monday.

Ohio State ran out to a 28-8 lead on Michigan, then held on for a wobbly three point W.

The number of undefeated schools is now none.

Trey Burke, “the nation’s premier point guard,” took at least a couple of bad threes late. One, when his team was down 6 with a little less than 2:00 to play. Again when the Wolverines were down by a deuce with 20 ticks on the clock. He missed both.

I’ve always thought John Beilein’s teams rely too much on long balls. Then again, that opinion is based mostly on that U of L/ West Virginia regional final, when the Mountaineers reigned/ rained 3s on U of L . . . until they stopped falling and the Cards came back for the W and a trip to the Final Four.

The Wolverines also look suspect underneath, capable of being manhandled by a team with a strong front court presence.

* * * * *

Nobody in college hoops shut down an opponent yesterday quite like the Cardinals who put a hammerlock on South Florida.

Okay, except for Arkansas. The Razorbacks held Vandy, fresh from almost upsetting UK, to only 33 points. Which was five less than the Bulls tallied in the Yum!.

There were just a whole lot of major college teams that couldn’t make it to 50 yesterday. Twenty two, in fact, assuming the “Scorecard” in this morning’s C-J is correct. Among them were such noteworthies as Virginia (44 to Clemson’s 59), Mizzou (49 to Ole Miss’s 64), Texas Tech (46 to Kansas’s 60), TCU (40 to Baylor’s 51) and Holy Cross (47 to Lehigh’s 79).

Plus Navy and Howard and Sewanee and Drexel and Nevada and Ball State. Along with some who deys? like Daniel Webster, Presbyterian and Fisher.

Can’t anybody score the ball?

On the flip side, only two teams, it appears, hit the century mark. Pikeville 105, Cumberland (Tenn) 56. And Cornell 103, Old Westbury 84.

Old Westbury????

* * * * *

I didn’t see a second of the UK game, since I was at the Yum!. But, my oh my, the Cats were up 4 with 6:10 to play and lost by 12.

Not good.

It should come as no surprise that Coach Cal’s recruiting magic can’t conjure a national contenda every year. He’s had a run though, right? Elite Eight. Final Four. National Championship.  You can’t do it every single season, can you?

I don’t think so. This year’s edition is immature, younger than ever and way thin. Mays looks like a high schooler out there. Wiltjer is never going to be a major factor, though he might steal a game from beyond the arc.

Too few. Too young. Too meek.

* * * * *

Duke’s flaws are starting to show.

Without Kelly, they’re suspect. If Curry’s legs give out, as they appear to be doing, the B Devils are also rans.

NC State came up big yesterday, but the Wolfpack lack fundamentals. Example 1: On a fast break, the player with the ball, stopped, turned while looking for the trailer. He walked. The “trailers” were standing at mid court watching the action. Example 2: Up 8, they had a 1 on 3 fast break. The player with the ball stopped for an ill advised trey. Which he missed.

Fundamentals, fellows. There’s a reason why Mike Gottfried was out of the biz for a season or two. This does not look like a team that will be an impediment to a legit contender come March.

* * * * *

I’m not sure why the national pundits are giving short shrift to Indiana. The Hoosiers look damn good to me.

Deep. Intense. Victor Oladipo.

Tom Crean’s done a great job, resurrecting the program in Bloomington. Good for him. Good for them. College hoops is better with IU in play.

But, you know what, I hated the guy at Marquette. And I still hate the guy.

* * * * *

The 2012-13 Jim Burr Winter Tour played the Garden yesterday @ Georgetown vs. St. John’s.

This one’s for you, Jim.

* * * * *

I’m not sure I understand the swinging elbows rule? Interpretation is inconsistent. Enforcement too often too harsh.

* * * * *

Is there a more forlorn face in college hoops than that of Jerry Wainwright. The former DePaul head coach now assists Buzz Williams at Marquette.

Nice guy. Funny. But what a sad sack puss the guy has.

* * * * *

One more tune and I’m outta here.

– Seedy K

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