Free Brent Musburger

Of all the insipid controversies that crop up like brush fire when folks seem to feel the need to stand up for political correctitude, this one takes the cake.

Alabama was beating up on Notre Dame the other night. It was as if the South Benders just got off the boat from Ireland, and thought that just because they won every fight in the pub they knew how to calm the Crimson Tide. But learned otherwise. With dispatch.

So, filling time as happens on TV during such routs, the cameras of the Entertainment Sports Programming Network — you know it as ESPN — found Bama QB AJ McCarron’s girlfriend in the stands.

Katherine Webb is a beautiful young woman. (I would have said “beautiful girl” but you know why I have chosen not to do so.) She’s a beauty contest winner. Which fact was handy for Musburger, whom I doubt knew it beforehand without being coached by his production crew.

So, the venerable sportscaster mentioned Ms. Webb’s beauty, and her laurels, saying out loud what every man watching the game was saying to themselves as men have been saying to themselves since Adam saw Eve across the garden, and exclaimed to himself, “Whoa, dude, she’s hot.”

Musburger had the further audacity to mention what every guy — other than lead singers in rock bands — knows to be true: You gotta be a football hero to get the beautiful gals. Which reality has been in place since, well, at least 1933.

Cue Ben Bernie & All The Lads.

I thought the faux brouhaha over that free throw in the U of L/ UK game was idiotic.

This takes the cake.

ESPN is apologizing. Musburger is being character assassinated as some dirty old man.

What a crock.

Facts. Katharine Webb is a gorgeous woman. She knows it, and wears it proudly. She’s involved with a high profile QB. Brent Musburger said so.

Big deal. Get over it.

– Seedy K


  1. Wildcat
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  2. Charlie
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 9:11 am | Permalink

    Please listen to yesterday’s Tony Kornheiser Show from Espn980 in DC. He mentioned this as well as a game years ago at Florida State when the camera was showing a babe from FSU. “And that’s why applications will go up at Florida State” Brent said. That babe later turned out to be the gal to whom Brent Favre sent pics of his junk.

  3. fred
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

    We have become soooooo obsessed with social correctness that a man can’t say that a woman is attractive when the woman is question is so smokin’ hot the camera fogged lens fogged over. We have half naked dancing girls at basketball games, hired dancers who would be “cheerleaders” at pro football games, yet we are really not supposed to notice. Right. Good for you Brent Mussberger for calling ‘em as you see ‘em. ESPN is a morality charlatan anyway.

  4. cbcard
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    Football stars do get some good looking women. Mark Harmon’s father was All-American Tom Harmon and his mother was a movie star.

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