Sunday Morning PG: Covering a Wide World of Sports

I ran into former Cardinal pigskinner Pete Compise yesterday at the Yum!

Of course, we chatted about the tumultuous but glorious last ten days. I asked if, back when he played in the late 60s, he could have conceived of the school’s station in the world of college sports, if he could have conceptualized playing in the Sugar Bowl?

He shook his head no, and laughed.

He agreed we were just excited when they put stands on the empty side of Fairgrounds Stadium.

That’s but one measure of how far U of L football has come.

* * * * *

I’ve spent Sunday morning watching the Manchester Darby.

It is not a horse race.

It’s what they call the incredibly intense soccer rivalry between Man U and Man City. Not only do these neighboring clubs hate each other, they also stand 1 and 2 in the English Premier League table. (Table = Standings.)

U took a 2 nil lead into halftime on a couple Wayne Rooney goals. City fought back to knot it in the second half. Then, with just a few moments to play, Man U tallied on a free kick for the W, to increase their first place lead in the EPL.

This being soccer in England, matters got testy in the stands. A projectile hit one of the Man U players above the eye, opening a gash. A fan ran on the field, apparently toward the referee, though it wasn’t shown on the telecast.

And hundreds of bobbies surrounded the Man U cheering section.

* * * * *

The antithesis in terms of intensity was yesterday’s UCLA vs Texas basketball game played in Reliant Stadium in Houston.

The crowd in the football venue, which seats 71,000 + for that sport, was announced at a hearty 2,797.

Dickie V was distraught.

It was an underwhelming game, won by the underwhelming Bruins, who outscored the Longhorns 12-2 to capture the W by a deuce.

* * * * *

Sam Houston State won in Bozeman Friday night, upsetting Montana State in the NCAA Div I-AA quarterfinals. Yesterday, Georgia South won at higher seeded Old Dominion. Several favorites also won.

Here’s my point. Division I-AA will have a legitimate national champion. The school that prevails will have won it on the field. Every team with a legit claim to the crown will have had an opportunity to prove its worth on the gridiron.

Unlike, well, you know. Division I-A. The Football Bowl Subdivision.

The upcoming four team playoff. Not even close to being fair to all contenders.

* * * * *

I need a show of hands.

Who out there, other than Kirk Herbstreit, cares who wins the Heisman Trophy?

* * * * *

I know about as few of you could give a shit about hockey as care about soccer, but . . .

. . . it sure would be nice if the NHL could settle it’s labor dispute, so we could see some pucks.

* * * * *

Not much of a boxing fan these days.

But I must admit. I just watched a video of Juan Manuel Marquez’s knockout of Manny Pacquiao last night.

I feel so guilty. So, I’ll bid you adieu until later.

– Seedy K

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