Monday Morning QB: Cards, Cats, Bowls, Strong . . .

I feel compelled to offer some perspective for the phalanx of doofusses who, in the U of L chatrooms last night, were bemoaning that the Cards will be playing in the Sugar Bowl instead of the Orange.

Perspective, gentlemen. (And I use the word “gentlemen” in its broadest possible context.)

Oh to suffer New Year’s in New Orleans. How will ye ever manage to survive such hardship?

The two Cardinal football seasons before Charlie Strong arrived ended with 14-63 and 14-34 losses to Rutgers. Three bowl-less seasons in a row. The last two have ended with games in the, ahem, Beef O’Brady’s Bowl and Belk Bowl. Don’t those romantically named affairs just roll off your tongue.

Now you’re complaining about getting to compete against the highest ranked school in the land not playing for the BCS title. In America’s greatest city no less.

Gimme a fuckin’ break.

* * * * *

Charlie Strong is having his weekly press conference today at noon.

I’m sure he’ll be asked, in some fashion or another, about the rumors that he’s talked with administrators at Auburn and Tennesee and ______ (Fill in the blank) about their vacant head coaching positions.

Given his less than stellar PR acumen, I’m sure Strong will give a skewed response.

Of course, I got nervous yesterday when it was reported that he was chatting up the folks down Rocky Top way. That Big Orange was going to offer him Nick Saban $$$ to move to Knoxville.

But I still thought then as I do now. That Charlie Strong’s sense of loyalty to Tom Jurich and U of L for giving him the opportunity to be a head coach would trump any offer coming his way at this time.

He can now recruit to a major conference. He has Teddy B, DeVante P and a solid D coming back. His kids love it here, where their interracial family has been accepted without a second thought.

* * * * *

UK’s distaff hoops squad proved its mettle yesterday, coming back from 14 down to beat U of L at the Yum!.

The Cats play a mighty nettlesome D. The Cardinals never found a rhythm, even when fashioning that advantage early in the second half. Kentucky has the better team. U of L should have won the game. Kentucky simply wasn’t going to lose.

Card fans must remember that Monique Reid is still playing with a bad wheel. And two starters haven’t seen a minute of action yet this season. Jeff Walz’s team will improve.

One can only hope the same for Shoni Schimmel.

Hers is, frankly, a sad case. She has Angel McCoughtry talent. She plays with a Pistol Pete panache. (Yes, it’s true. She made a behind the back dish on a three-on-one break yesterday that was Maravich worthy.)

But her decision making hasn’t improved since her first game as a Cardinal. She committed 11 turnovers yesterday. Against only 4 assists. And was 4/15 from the field. As I’ve discussed previously, she is way out of shape.

I say this not to rag on her. She reminds me of former Cardinal Tony Kimbro in that she’s letting superstar talent go to waste.

* * * * *

My new favorite candidate for college hoops All Name Team. Wichita State’s Cleanthony Early, who was MVC Newcomer of the Week last week.

* * * * *

I’m sure I’ll be talking more about the bowl games in the weeks to come.

But must mention from the get go, that there are a couple of really spicy non-BCS matchups.

Thanks to Northern Illinois crashing the party, Oklahoma will meet Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. South Carolina vs. Michigan in the Outback Bowl ought to be interesting. LSU and Clemson meet in the Chicken Bowl to claim which has the deathest of Death Valleys.

Toledo vs. Utah State in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl should be . . . okay, I’m trying to be cute. But the truth is, there’s always a bowl game or two between such schools as those that provide really entertaining games.

Among the BCS games, Oregon vs. Kansas State is easily as intriguing a matchup as the Fighting Irish vs. Crimson Tide. Just a couple of weeks ago, those contrasting styles of play were destined to meet up for all the marbles. We get the game anyway.

– Seedy K

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  1. doug
    Posted December 3, 2012 at 5:10 pm | Permalink

    Northern Illinois must sell 17,500 tickets to the Orange Bowl. They averaged 15,000 for home games.
    Shoni needs to literally shape up and mentally come to terms with being coached or sister Jude will take her spot!
    I’m with Charlie as long as he is with me. I refuse to enter the speculative conversation.

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