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Louisville Card File: Kentucky

A couple of important notes before I hit the details. I understand that Gorgui Dieng’s parents are not familiar with our ways in the Commonwealth. They don’t even speak English. Plus it’s hard to even comprehend the culture shock they must have felt in yesterday’s Yum! Center environment. Strangers in a strange land, they were. […]

There will be Blue (In the Stands) & It’s U of L’s Fault

When this annual rivalry game is played, there are always fans from the visiting school who manage to find their way into the arena. When Louisville plays in Rupp, there’s some red, but it’s a smattering. I’ve been there once for the game, DeJuan Wheat’s and Jason Osborne’s first as Cardinals, the year the tilt […]

Seedy K Sounds Off, Friday Edition: Hoops Hijinx & Pigskin Punditry

Yes, it’s 32 hours until tipoff and I’m so sure you’re waiting with baited breath for my position by position breakdown of tomorrow’s game. You know, Kentucky vs. Louisville? Here’s the deal. I’m doing my best to try not to think about it. By any measure, this would seem to be the Cardinals year to […]

Thursday Dispatch: Pigskin Idiocy, The Dieng Thang & Mo’

There are reasons why Lance Guidry has been passed over twice in his desire to be head football coach at Western Kentucky. None of them, by the by, is Bobby Petrino, to whom the Toppers, setting aside ethics and morality, have chosen to be their next coach. The most obvious reasons Guidry’s been passed over […]

Report: Gorgui Dieng Will Play Saturday

According to’s Jeff Goodman, Rick Pitino says Gorgui Dieng is good to go on Saturday. “100 percent,” Louisville coach Rick Pitino told on Wednesday night. The 6-foot-11 Senegal big man has been out since Nov. 23 with a broken wrist, but Pitino told that Dieng practiced on Wednesday and will definitely play […]

Humpday Huzzahs & Harrumphs: Holiday Edition

A recurring theme here during basketball season has been my continuing appreciation for the quality of Hoosier high school coaching. Just seems to me that most kids who have played prep hoops in Indiana and make it on to play in college know what they’re doing. I was reminded of this at the end of […]

Louisville Card File: Western Kentucky

When the telecast of last night’s game came on TV, and it was revealed whom the color commentator would be, I turned to my bride, and said, “I hate when Bobby Knight does a game.” Which is different than hating Bobby Knight for his duplicity, which I also do. Knight is most always less prepared […]

Louisville Card File: Florida International

Waiting in my email box this morning, was a note from a loyal reader and astute hoops observer, Mark. The subject line read “K Ware.” The purpose was to ask this question, “Why doesn’t he get more PT?” To which I responded, “Funny, I ask myself the same question about Wayne Blackshear.” As I further […]

Tuesday Tidbits: Irish, Angel & The Rick on Gun Control

Notre Dame is headed to the ACC. In all sports except football. Of course. Because the Fighting Irish, for some unfathomable reason, remain a singular, untouchable presence that is hard to imagine even in an out of kilter sport like college pigskin. The move will come sooner or later, depending on variables including moves by […]

Louisville Card File: Memphis State

Were I a Memphis State fan — Praise be to Ah Puch a/k/a Yum Kimil, the Mayan God of Death that I’m not — I am so very sure I would be upset at U of L’s +24 yesterday at the free throw line. What I would point out however to those fans in blue, […]