Monthly Archives: November 2012

Monday Morning QB: Money Talks, Maryland Walks (Probably)

Since the grass most always appears greener on the neighbor’s lawn, it’s just about a sure thing that Maryland — and its Sarah Palinish running mate, Rutgers — shall be jerrymandered into the numerically-incorrect Big Ten sooner rather than later. Which, assuming the Domino Effect is in play, means UConn will jump the Big East […]

Louisville Card File: Miami (Ohio)

There have been college basketball seasons when it became obvious at some point during the campaign that one school was distinctly better than all the others and would, absent some cataclysmic upset, win the national crown. Last year’s Kentucky team is the one that comes immediately to mind. San Francisco in ’55 and ’56. Indiana […]

Louisville Card File: Samford

It is early in the season. Very early. Louisville, as is its wont in the Pitino Era, has opened with two walkovers. But I have seen enough to believe that, yes, the Cardinals are legit, a school with enough stature to be considered in the national title discussion. (Forget please that puff piece I wrote […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

The only guy polling worse than me these days is Karl Rove. Whatever in the name of Nate Silver is going on? For the first time this season, I’ve had more losses than Ws on consecutive weekends. If the Badgers hadn’t battered IU last Saturday, I woulda polled an ofer. It frankly doesn’t make sense. […]

Bleary Eyed Hoops Marathon Aftethoughts

Of all the sights and sounds emanating from 24 hours of college hoops — of which I watched far too much — my favorite moment was the first sighting of St. John’s special assistant Gene Keady. The former mentor at Western Kentucky and Purdue is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in my short […]

Tuesday Morning in Hoopsylvania

I love the squeak of sneakers on hardwood in the morning. * * * * * UMass vs. Harvard. With eight minutes to play, they’re knotted at 54. The governor of the commonwealth — Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not Steve Beshear — is in the house. And I’m tuned in. Countin’ the minutes until that little […]

Louisville Card File: Manhattan

If Kevin Ware is to become a key cog for a legit national contender — and that is what Cardinal fans are hoping — the moment he kickstarted that drive came with 12:56 to play in Sunday’s opener against the Jaspers. Until that moment, Ware was zeros across the stat sheet. (Though he did draw […]

Louisville Card File: Syracuse

For a good while after Steve Kragthorpe was relieved of his duties as U of L football coach, I continued to give him shit. He wasn’t a very good head football coach. He precipitated then led the program’s slide back to irrelevance. He was plagued with a severe case of coachspeak. He was smug. It […]

Hey Jude: Schimmel Sis Steals W from Aggies

While it may not have been the most stunning aspect of watching Jeff Walz’s distaff Cards in their opener against recent NCAA champ Texas A&M, there’s not doubt it was the play of the game. Jude Schimmel, previously unheralded younger sister of Shoni, stole the show. The Cardinals had blown a 14 point second half […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Predictions: Week XI

That Boise State’s loss ruined U of L’s chances of playing in the more-prestigious-than-the-Orange-Bowl Sugar Bowl was bad enough. (Why and how that scenario was conceivable is far to convoluted to explain here.) More important: It gave me a losing record for last weekend. The Broncs joined Syracuse and LSU on the wrong side of […]