Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

Ah, Lucky Week XIII.

Will this be the slate of games I get totally correct like Week Uno?

Or, shall I continue my slide to mediocrity, as has been the recent trend?

Only the Pigskin Pontiffs know for sure.

After a somewhat rebounding 3-2 record last time out, following two way less than stellar sets of picks, I’m ready for the last big weekend of the regular season.

Since I’m hoping for BCS turmoil, an outcry by 6, 7, 8 worthy one-loss schools, all screaming their case for the “championship” game, I’m going to jump right in with the big un.

Notre Dame @ Southern California. In what couldn’t be a worse scenario for the pigskin diaspora outside the Subway Alum Society, insufferable Brian Kelly’s Fighting Irish need only a W over Lane Kiffin’s underachieving Men of Troy to land in that “title game.” Unfortunately the Trojans shall take the field without preseason Heisman fave Matt Barkley under center. You can almost see TD Jesus’s boner at the prospect. While I only wish the worst for Notre Dame, I give ‘em props. Their perfect record comes against a pretty strong schedule, even if Sparty and the Wolverines haven’t proved as tough as expected. Thumping Boomer Sooner by 17 in Norman is a notable accomplishment. Meanwhile, the Kiffins, with national title aspirations before they kicked off their campaign, have lost three of their last four. But this is a true rivalry game, with a history of inexplicable upsets, comebacks and choke jobs. It is nothing but wishful thinking that forces me to pick the Trojans to flip the bird to the BCS.

Michigan @ Ohio State. I can’t recall whom it was, but a friend was driving through Ohio right before the season began. On talk radio, the Buckeye faithful were contemplating an undefeated inaugural season for Pope Urban I. It seemed kind of silly, with nothing to play for and all that. Okay, except Olentangy Pride, that is. Well, who is the fool now? The Scarlet and Gray have stormed through an unblemished campaign including the talent-bereft Big 10. Heck, future bro Rutgers probably would have given them the toughest test. Go Blue is 8-3, but it’s hard to tell how good. Michigan lost to the only stalwarts they played, Bama, Nebraska and Notre Dame. This one’s in the Horseshoe. All tatted up with no place to go, Ohio State ends up the only undefeated team in the land, getting what they paid for to the pros in the lineup.

Florida @ Florida State. If you buy into the argument that there really are de facto playoff games — or so sayeth the BCS apologists — this is an elimination round battle. Each has one loss. The winner of this match up will still have a shouting chance at the “title game,” when ND loses. State fell awfully far after an disarming 1 point L to NC State. The Gators have been consistently unimpressive, but their only loss was in the Cocktail Party to UGa. The game is off the board, so somebody must be hurt and I either didn’t get the memo, or I got it and didn’t read it. No matter. I got the Seminoles to still have but a single blemish, heading into the ACC title match.

Kentucky @ Tennessee. Who wins this bragging rights only game between two coachless squads? To Joker Phillips credit, he has handled his firing like a real mensch. He’s been nothing but full with class. I wish him well in the future. And he’ll be on the sideline Saturday, unlike that Dooley fella, who was destined to fail from the start. He’d just never shown that he was ready to play Rocky Top. The Cats are on a 1 game winning streak for the season and in this rivalry battle, after falling 26 times in a row to the Vols. Can they go double or nothing? I don’t really think so, but I wish it so much for Joker that I’m going Big Blue here to finish the season on the uptick.

UConn @ Louisville. Another elimination game? Winner gets an invite to the ACC. Loser fills its schedule with North Dakota A & P, Quinnipiac, Franklin Marshall and Texas-Commerce. If only. But an emphatic W would have to have some impact, no matter how marginal. And there’s only one team capable of winning this one with panache. Coming off an L and a bye week, the Cardinals should be rested and hungry. I believe Louisville wins easy. Then spends a lot of sleepless nights, sitting by the phone waiting for that long distance call from the ACC or Big 12.

– Seedy K


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  1. Birdie King
    Posted November 22, 2012 at 7:51 pm | Permalink

    ACC Conference call Monday. Speculation (there’s plenty of that around, right?) is that the league could expand from 13 to 16 with the Cards, UConn and either Cincy or USF. Hang on until Monday.

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