Monday Morning QB: Money Talks, Maryland Walks (Probably)

Since the grass most always appears greener on the neighbor’s lawn, it’s just about a sure thing that Maryland — and its Sarah Palinish running mate, Rutgers — shall be jerrymandered into the numerically-incorrect Big Ten sooner rather than later.

Which, assuming the Domino Effect is in play, means UConn will jump the Big East ship and head to the ACC.

And, emboldened by the Terps move, Florida State may also say, “Hey, it’s only $50 mill plus the entry fee, let’s see what life is like visiting Tuscaloosa regularly.”

Too many metaphors. Too much conference realignment.

Money talks. Everybody walks . . . if they get a chance.

It’s all pretty alarming if you’re a Louisville fan. Or a Cincy fan.

Unless the Big 12 takes on the stragglers, it’s goodbye NYC, howdy Hattiesburg.

* * * * *

It matters not a whit that Louisville is upper echelon in hoops, that it has an again rising football program with a solid coach, that it’s minor sports programs and facilities match any in the land.

It’s about TV sets. About how many are tuned in.

Money talks. Nobody walks . . . unless they get invited.

Get used to it, Cardinal fans. Louisville is the Odd School Out.

* * * * *

Notre Dame is undefeated. (So, too, the Buckeyes, who tatooed their way out of the conversation for this season.) Bama, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Oregon, Clemson, K State, Louisville, Rutgers, Kent State and Northern Illinois have lost but once.

By regular season’s end, at least 8 of that contingent, shall deserve a chance to see if they can win three in a row against the best competition to be a legit national champ.

It’s not going to happen. At least for another decade. By which time, because — all together now — Money Talks, the upcoming four team playoff will expand.

Money may not have won the election for Romney, but it sure is controlling colllege pigskin.

For this season, we’ll more than likely get The Fighting NBCs vs, Roll Houndstooth for the Ersatz Crown. Which will certainly please the network accountants, if not the college football public.

* * * * *

My two favorite games of the weekend:

Oklahoma 50, West Virginia 49. There were about five TDs in the last three minutes.

UCLA over Southern Cal. There was a real rivalry enthusiasm to the play. I’ve always loved those Cali blue and gold Bruin uniforms. And a Lane Kiffin defeat is always worth celebrating. Loved the post game interview with winning coach Jim Mora. After being asked several of the usually stupid questions, he asked, “What is it you want me to say?”

Wish the Trojans had more of a chance to blemish the Irish’s record this coming weekend. But without their starting QB, I don’t see USC pulling it off.

* * * * *

The first pretenda in college hoops has been unmasked.

North Carolina State sure looked like a team that doesn’t know how to win big ones. Oklahoma State, missing several key players, dismantled the Wolfpack with dispatch.

* * * * *

Hear me now and believe me later.

There will NEVER be an NBA team in Louisville.

Next . . .

* * * * *

Notwithstanding the conference and fiscal manipulations that are engulfing college football off the field, I love the game more than ever. Especially this enthralling season.

But I have found myself watching the NFL less and less.

I recently realized it’s due to the Rollerball violence. The hits are simply too vicious. The cut blocks too unnerving. The concussions too prevalent.

I cringe too much.

Last night, while waiting the start of “Treme,” I found myself tuned into the CFL semi between the victorious Toronto Argonauts and the Montreal Alouettes.

It is a fast, exciting game. Longer field. Backs in motion toward the line before the snap. Three downs to make 10 yards. One point rouges.

But, sure enough, they carted a fellow off the field strapped to a gurney.

* * * * *

I also got a sense that such violence may be part of the reason why I’m more attracted to big time soccer than ever.

I really like the game a lot. At least at the highest levels.

Mo’ later.

– Seedy K

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