Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

The only guy polling worse than me these days is Karl Rove.

Whatever in the name of Nate Silver is going on? For the first time this season, I’ve had more losses than Ws on consecutive weekends. If the Badgers hadn’t battered IU last Saturday, I woulda polled an ofer.

It frankly doesn’t make sense. With more data as the season has progressed, I should be doing better, right?

Ouch is all I can say.

But do not fear, I shall not allow my recent lack of success to deter me. I’ve revamped my ground game, fired my assistant coaches and torn off the redshirt of my future star in the name of winning now is all that matters.

Duke @ Georgia Tech. A little over a month ago, the Ramblin’ Wreck lost to Middle Tennessee as the centerpiece of a three game losing streak. Since then, Tech has become relevant in their division, winning three straight in the vastly overrated ACC, losing only to almost indie BYU. (Truth be told, GT was throttled by BYU, 17-41.) Last week, the Engineers no pass offense worked to perfection as they came back to nudge the Tar Heels, 68-50. As that score attests, this league was, is and shall ever be a hoops confederacy. The Blue Devils tuned up for Saturday with that W over Kentucky in Atlanta. Yuk, yuk. But Duke has already reached that hallowed status known as bowl eligibility while Tech stands 5-5. In a development that shan’t cause the slightest stir in Krzyzewskiville, this game in Atlanta goes to the hometowners.

Rutgers @ Cincinnati. This is the second of the round robin series to decide which Big East school heads off to slaughter against Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Cincy lost the opener to U of L, which meets Rutgers in the season finale. All sorts of strangeness might occur in the Bearcats prevail, then the Jersey Boys beat the Cards. But, hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The question for the Nipperts is Munchie, their name game star who sat last week, or Brendan Kay, who led the team to victory in that recent W over Temple? The question for the Scarlet Knights is are they ready for this visit to the Queen City, followed by a visit to Steeltown, then the closer against the Cards at home on a freezing Thursday night? All of which jabberwocky has little to do with breaking down Saturday’s contest. Oh well, Cincy will win.

Northwestern @ Michigan State. The Purple Wildcats coulda been a contenda. They started out 5-0, and have alternated Ws and Ls since. They had big leads against Nebraska and Penn State, but lost them both. Then spit out a sure W last week in the last seconds against the Wolverines. Meanwhile Sparty is cellar dwelling in the cellar of the Legends Division, facing the possibility of not making it to a bowl game. Which is to say, which school’s ineptitude will abate, and whose will reign? Since the boys from East Lansing shall be hungrier, I’m going Green on this one.

Tennessee @ Vanderbilt. In yet another anecdotal sign that traditions ain’t what they used to be in college pigskin, this one’s being played way earlier than in days of yesteryear, when it was the trad season finale. In yet another anecdotal sign that traditions ain’t what they used to be in college pigskin, the Commodores are a four point favorite to pound the nail in Vol coach Derek Dooley’s coffin. Anybody positive they know for sure Bobby Petrino just bought a house on the outskirts of Knoxville? Vandy’s on a four game W streak, though Auburn, UK, Ole Miss and UMass do not a a gauntlet make. The Vols are ofer the league. And their game with UK next week will be to see who gets their only conference win of the year.

Samford @ Kentucky. Surely the Cats will win this one, right? Show their love for Joker and come up big after a bye week, which allowed the nicks and scrapes and bruises to heal some.? I mean, Kentucky can’t lose to teams from the Southern and Sun Belt in the same season, can they? Well, they certainly can. And they might. The Bulldogs are, after all, 7-3. While Samford is no Stanford, they ain’t that mismatched against this woeful Wildcat outfit. The actual attendance at UK’s last game was 18,000+. There will be less than that in the house this week. Because Joker’s a decent guy, I can’t pile on. Big Blue wins.

– Seedy K

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  1. Wildcat
    Posted November 14, 2012 at 6:17 pm | Permalink

    The Cat was 6 and zero last week and had to select weeks in advance. The Maven may call for advice if he so wishes…sounds like he needs to.

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