Louisville Card File: Bellarmine

I sure hope this performance was one horse players call a “throw out.” Meaning it was a showing so out of character that it simply shouldn’t be considered.

Let’s hope so. Otherwise this season’s heralded University of Louisville Cardinals are in big trouble, Birdsong.

Even by U of L’s usually desultory early and preseason standards, this was a performance as alarming as it was dispirited.

So, before I pull the alarm button, I’ll contact my gaming support guy, compatriot Bill Doolittle, who shall hopefully say, “Yes, throw this one out.”

* * * * *

Perhaps I was lulled into dissatisfaction early, and was therefore unable to see anything positive.

But I gotta say I didn’t see much from any individual player that stood out.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I like what Stephan Van Treese did. Six boards. 2/2 at the line. Supreme hustle every second he was on the court. But other than that . . .

Peyton Siva appears not to have broken his annoying habit of reaching in on defense. He committed four personal fouls against a team that’s not even really talented by Bellarmine’s standards.

At the small forward position, arguably U of L’s deepest, they got zip from Hancock, Ware or Blackshear.

Russ Smith saw nothing on the court but the basket.

Silent L was mostly silent on the boards.

* * * * *

The Cards played okay team D. But remember, this Bellarmine squad is hardly as talented as the one Scotty Davenport has had the last several seasons.

Yet, the shorter, slower Knights outrebounded Louisville, 43-38. You can talk long rebounds all you want. That’s a disgraceful number.

My stat-keeping pal Charlie, the Nate Silver of Cardinal fans — you who lurk in the Comments section know him as cbcard — pointed out that, after 35 minutes or so (He gave me the exact time, but I forgot it), Louisville had scored on exactly three jumpers. Two of them were from Gorgui.

And you don’t need to be Nate Silver to know that this number is alarming and significant: 1/19 from beyond the arc.

Given Louisville’s talent at taking the ball to the hoop, the Cardinals are going to have to be good at the line. Last night’s 12/23 (52%) ain’t gonna cut it.

With 7:35 to play, Bellarmine was hitting 24% from the field (12/50), yet was down by only 13 to an allegedly legit national contenda.

* * * * *

Enough carping already, Seedy, it was an exhibition.

* * * * *

All that naysaying and negativitude notwithstanding, I have written an article in this week’s print edition, explaining how and why U of L will win the national championship. You can read it online here.

* * * * *

To cut through the boredom of the game, I spent some time perusing the Bellarmine media guide.

I read in wonder the accomplishments of one of my favorite college hoopsters ever, Braydon Hobbs.

He is the Knights all-time leader in assists. By a significant margin.

He is the Knights all-time leader in steals. By a similarly large margin.

He is the Knights all-time leader in made three pointers.

He’s in their top ten in career FT percentage.

Braydon Hobbs was, simply stated, a great college basketball player. A real joy to watch on the court. And, oh yes, a national champion.

* * * * *

I spent a few minutes before the game, chatting up a former Cardinal baller, whom I call “The Asterisk.” Bill Windchy. The old timers and trivia experts know him to have been Wes Unseld’s back up.

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted November 8, 2012 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    OK, throw it out. BUT…last night I had a terrible case of deja vu. They can’t shoot but they do play defense…the offense was pass the ball around, pass the ball around, then with ten or so on the shot clock, give it to Russ so he can shoot…. Peyton gets four fouls for reach-ins. I watched this all last year!! They have taken up where they left off. And WTF with Luke Hancock?? I saw him practice last year and he was the smoothest dude on the floor. He is painful to watch now. He, Blackshear, Ware.. they can’t make jump shots and they can’t make free throws. I’ll be really interested to see them play Manhattan. Maybe we need to paint the whole floor because last night the only way we could score consistently was when someone was in that patch of red in front of the basket.

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