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Louisville Beats Rutgers: Second Thoughts

Okay, I don’t mean second thoughts, as in I’m taking back my original analysis found here. What I mean is I have some further reflections to share. But then you probably figured that out, didn’t you? * * * * * I stand by my opinion that the forced fumble — by either James Burgess […]

Louisville Card File: Rutgers

We’ll get to the player of the game in a moment. Need I say his name? Uh, I didn’t think so. But I want to start with James Burgess, Calvin Pryor and Official Statistician, Piscataway SubStation. At 9:13 of the 1st Quarter, Rutgers scored on its first offensive play of the game. An 85 yard […]

Thursday’s Tidbits: Cleaning Off My Desk

Last night I experienced the oddest feeling. So odd was it I almost called EMS. While watching the finale of the Made For TV Big Ten/ ACC Showdown, I found myself actually rooting for . . . Duke. Frankly, though unexpected, it was not totally inexplicable. One, I dislike Ohio State — yes, even more […]

Black Saturday > Blue Monday > Wunderbar Wednesday

The only people around today who haven’t talked exclusively about U of L’s invite to the ACC are Diane Rehm and my piano teacher, Chris Bizianes. He should know better. He played in the Cardinal Pep Band during the halcyon days of the 80s. Shame on him. Rehm is excused. Her national radio talk show […]

Louisville Card File: UConn

How ironic, the photo accompanying the story of U of L’s triple OT L to UConn in this morning’s C-J. Coaches, trainers and docs are attending to fallen Teddy Bridgewater, suffering his second injury of the day after being sacked, this time an ankle. Standing and kneeling are around in a state of concern are […]

Louisville Card File: Duke

We knew that WalMarticus, the Greek God of Commerce, declared that this year Black Friday would commence on Thursday. And that Toyotacus, the Greek God of Automobilia, has extended the day through the end of the month. It became clear last night, though without advance notice, that Naismithius, the deity who controls all we hold […]

Louisville Card File: Missouri (Bonus Music Video Included)

First, the gloom-inducing set up for my favorite sequence of the season. Louisville’s 10-4 run gave them a solid 39-31 halftime advantage. But the Tigers ran off four to start the second half, two FTs after a Blackshear foul, and a put back by Alex “Didn’t He Used To Play For UConn?” Oriakhi. Then Peyton […]

Louisville Card File: Northern Iowa

Perhaps it’s turkey toxicity. (Insert L-tryptophan joke here.) Maybe it’s that the game started and finished so late. Could be dullness caused by NBC Sports mediocre announcers, who kept referring to Silent L as “Whore-El.” Which I must assume is how you pronounce Harrell, after spending the day swimming with dolphins in a 14 acre […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

Ah, Lucky Week XIII. Will this be the slate of games I get totally correct like Week Uno? Or, shall I continue my slide to mediocrity, as has been the recent trend? Only the Pigskin Pontiffs know for sure. After a somewhat rebounding 3-2 record last time out, following two way less than stellar sets […]

Louisville’s Conference Conundrum

I know it hurts, Cardinal fans. Hurts scary bad. I know you’re worried. That you want to be left alone to pop open your 14th Fall City and cry in your beer. That your buddy at work told you he drove by Charlie Strong’s house and there’s already a For Sale sign in the yard. […]