Monthly Archives: October 2012

If Tigers Tank, I’m Toast

When exactly was last night’s nail biter over? Verlander, Coke, Delmon and Miggy had led my beloved Tigers to a Game 3 W over the hated Yankees in the ALCS, taking a 3 nil lead, and I was on the phone talking with my pal David, who is usually in bed and asleep by 9:00. […]

Tigers Win, NY, Jeter, Valverde Lose

One game in down in the ALCS. Already had a whole series worth of drama. A blown save. A blown ankle. The continuing demise of a $30 million man. The escalating decisions facing two managers, Series winners both. Game 2′s first pitch is at 4:07, about a half day after Detroit salvaged an overtime W […]

Louisville Card File: Pittsburgh

Back in the day, during the era when your stereo system was the most important thing you owned, the stores that sold them would advertise the quality of their systems as Good, Better, Best. Which metaphor I invoke while describing U of L’s performance in its 10 point W @ Pitt. Prior to yesterday, the […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

I now hereby give you irrevocable permission to throw tomatoes at me, should I ever pick South Florida again while Skip “I’m Not Nearly As Good A Coach As My Father, But I’m Probably A Better Announcer Than My Father” Holtz is roaming the sideline. The Big East co-fave has lost four in a row, […]

Loving the Baseball Playoffs

“It’s a generational thing.” It was my pal Bob weighing in. He was talking about baseball. Not just his lack of interest in the playoffs which started over the weekend. But about the game itself. Bob’s a fortysomething. He’s not into the National Pastime. He grew up playing soccer. Arsenal is his team. He knows […]

Sunday Morning QB: Let the Separation Begin

Before I consider which schools are on the uptick, and which ones are starting to play freshmen, there’s one burning question that must be answered vis a vis University of Kentucky football. How do the Wildcats ever expect to be relevant in the world’s most powerful football league, when they allow a 4th string QB […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

Yes, my friends, if you were paying attention last week, you would have noticed that I indeed jumped on the Louisiana Tech bandwagon, correctly prognosticating the victory in Charlottesville. It was but one of my prescient picks. I did put more faith in Rich Rod’s Arizona Wildcats than I should. They lost to undefeated Oregon […]

Tuesday Tidbits: The Beat Goes On

Some anathemas never go away. Yesterday I ate lunch with a bunch of fellows, U of L fans all, except for John, who likes the Cards but favors blue a bit more. Soon enough the conversation got around to comparing column inches of Courier-Journal coverage between you know who(m) and you know who(m). Of course, […]

Monday Morning QB: Lots of Tidbits, Easy to Read

Okay, so my breakdown of U of L’s water world W over Southern Miss wasn’t as precise as I’d like. It happens when I watch the games on the telly with friends and take less notes. Which is to offer my apologies for one moment I forget to mention. When I made reference to Blanche […]