Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

If Northwestern hadn’t blown a double figure fourth quarter lead at home in front of a predominantly Cornhusker crowd, I would have had a perfect weekend. Sigh.

But Rutgers, Kansas State, Georgia and my Cardinals by the slimmest of escapes took care of biz.

I stand 27-13 for the season.

No reason to beat around the bush.

Here are this week’s sure things.

Notre Dame @ Oklahoma. Heading to Norman, the highly ranked Irish are double digit dogs. But they do have some history on their side. The Sooners always lose a big one they’re supposed to win at home. Unfortunately — for Notre Dame — Stoops spit out the bit already this season against K State. Plus his squad has been balls out ever since, smoking Texas, T Tech and Charlie Weis’s hapless Kansas 11. Rock Choke Jayhawk. So what we have here is high powered O against immutable D. There’s a catch phrase somewhere in there. Can Kelly’s vaunted defensive derail the Boomer Schooner? Can his young QB, coming off an injury, close the deal on the road? This could be a really outstanding football game, but . . . I . . . don’t . . . think . . . so.

Florida vs. Georgia. Which one of these SEC wannabes is more desirous of swimming against the Crimson Tide come championship day? The Gators are probably the most unexpected undefeated team in the land. Save K State, of course. The Program That Steve Built sports a passing attack that ranks a lowly ,118th in the country. True. But is only giving up 12.1 ppg, 4th best. UGa is 6-1, but that L was a doozy. 7-35 against South Carolina. The Bulldogs looked, how to say it gently, less than dominant last weekend against hapless Kentucky. But their scoring average remains lofty, almost 40 ppg. If you’re asking me whose cocktails are going down the smoothest this Saturday — and I believe you are inquiring — it’s going to be the Floridians.

Michigan @ Nebraska. This matchup of two loss teams is about as big as it gets this season in the Big Ten. When it comes to games that matter, that is. Ohio State vs. Penn State in the Banned Bowl does not count. The Cornhuskers escape from Evanston was, frankly, impressive. Their 25 point smackdown in Columbus the week before, not so much. Yet Nebraska does not lose many in Lincoln, where there are grandkids not even conceptualized yet, who have an all red wardrobe awaiting their arrival and are on the season ticket waiting list. Michigan’s 7 point L in South Bend is looking not so bad by the week. That said, this one’s in Lincoln at the end of October. Red tops Blue.

Kentucky @ Missouri. Kentucky fans are now wandering aimlessly through the netherworld, wondering whether to root for the Cats as their DNA propels them to do? Or, to wish for the worst, thereby hastening the departure of one Joke Phillips, who is the one person of color in the Commonwealth loathed as much as the president. There was little in UK’s performance against Georgia, gritty as it may have been, that indicates the Cats are ready to best a two TD favorite on the road. Even if feisty Vandy won in Columbia. The Tigers have yet to capture a league game in their new conference. Which is why there will be a welcome mat for the Big Blue at the county line. Mizzou shows me, breaking its cherry in the SEC.

Cincinnati @ Louisville. My oh my. Unfortunately what happens in Toledo, doesn’t stay in Toledo. This was going to be the first installment of the Big East showcase, a three game round robin between  the undefeated (to start out) cream of the conference crop. Then the Bearcats, caught looking south toward Derbytown instead of north, went down in a heap o’ MAC. Which means fewer fans will be staying in Friday night to watch the glamor and excitement of Big East football on The World Wide Leader. Munchie Legaux says he’s better than Teddy B. When it comes to the Name Game . . . maybe. (Except for Rick Bozich’s sublime nickname for the Cardinal QB: Teddy Icewater.) Okay Munchie’s numbers are impressive. 96/180 for 1435 yards and 12 TDs through the air. But here’s an even more important number: 23-29, last weekend’s score in Toledo. While Teddy B looked like Johnny U and Peyton M morphed together on that winning drive against South Florida. I’m 7-0 picking the Cards this year. It’s too late to stop now.

– Seedy K

– Seedy K

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