Broom Job: Tigers Sweep Yanks

Pity the poor housekeepers in Motor City today.

The brooms they normally use are not to found in their normal spot in the cleaning closet. They are firmly ensconced in flag poles around this proud but rusting city.


There’s no need to recite the stunning statistics bearing out Detroit’s dominance over the fabled New York Yankees in the ALCS. But I shall remind one and all that it’s the third post-season meeting in a row when the Tigers have defused the Bronx Bombers.

This is fall fun.

So, if you see a guy walking about town this weekend in a fashionably ugly, cut from traditional itchy wool, 1909, Ty Cobb-era throwback that makes him look even heavier than he already is, that would be me.

If not now, when?

* * * * *

Today I admire Omar Infante, the mid season second sack pick up who solidified the Tiger infield.

He’s a wise man, Infante.

The final pop up of the game, of the series, was a play where he would 99 44/100% of the time call off lumbering first baseman Prince Fielder. Except that last evening, Fielder, pogoing his considerable avoirdupois up and down, let it be known, while the ball was still escalating, that he would be the one to catch the clincher.

Infante demurred. Good choice.

Fielder’s a Tiger legacy. Grew up in the clubhouse of Tigers/ Briggs Stadium, while his dad was going yard 40, 50 times a season.

When Fielder addressed the press with his son sitting on his lap, the only thing sweeter would have for his estranged pop to walk in the clubhouse and for father and son and grandson to embrace.

Maybe next week.

* * * * *

Improbably for Detroit, which struggled most of the season, didn’t find themselves atop their division until the last week of play, there will be a next week.

The Tigers will journey possibly to San Francisco, more than likely to St. Louis to play the ever stalwart Cardinals in the Series.

The Tigers and Cardinals have contested the World Series title before. Oh my, have they.

In ’34, the Gas House Gang got the better of Detroit. But only after Tigers’ fans let it be known they were in the house. They flung fruit and other detritus on the field at Ducky Medwick, who was pulled from the game by Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis. Imagine Bud Selig doing that?

(That some, perhaps most of that fruit had been purchased at my grandfather’s fruit stand right outside the player’s entrance to Brigg’s Stadium makes me mighty proud.)

In ’68, Mickey Lolich won three times, beating Bob Gibson in Game 7 on two days rest for the crown.

In ’06, the Clydesdales prevailed again over Detroit in five.

* * * * *

All of which is to say, the next couple of weeks are going to be fun for the kid.

A couple of important U of L Cardinal football games.

Basketball media day.

And my Detroit Tigers against San Fran or St. Looey in the Series. Even the prospect of listening to Joe Buck and insufferable Tim McCarver won’t dampen my ardor.

– Seedy K


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