Seedy K’s Pthy Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

Did you happen to see the finish of Texas A & M’s 59-57 barn burner over Louisiana Tech? The teams combined for about 30 points in the last 5 minutes. One big play after another.

Well, no, neither did I. But I read about it Sunday morning and wished I’d had the fortitude to stay up and see the game through. I picked the Bulldogs here to win and gave up after they fell behind 0-27. Even checking in periodically, it didn’t seem to me like they’d make it all the way back. But for one wafer thin two-point conversion, they might have. Sigh.

(My apologies for misinformation about the site of that game, which was contested in beautiful Shreveport, on the very turf where they play the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl. How and why I thought it was to be played in Dallas escapes me. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.)

I knew from the get go that picking hapless Idaho over Texas State was destined for ignominy. But I try to entertain here and went Dylan on you. I traded a W for your enjoyment. I hope you appreciate it.

So, those were my two mistakes last weekend. U of L, Arkansas and trending Notre Dame took care of business. TD Jesus came through yet again for the Irish. You know. I know. And Knute Rockne watching from on high knows. Stanford scored in OT. But it’s time to move in.

My record stands 23-12 for the season. This week’s picks:

Nebraska @ Northwestern. Allow me to be the 438th scribe to mention that there is nary a single Big Ten school in the first official certified BCS standings of 2012. Isn’t that special? I can visualize Bo and Woody now, harkling and farkling about the sorry state of their beloved league. This Husker vs. Wildcat battle is a key Legends Division matchup. Unless it’s in the Leaders Division? (Yes, this is the stupidest nomenclature since the NHL was home to divisions named Norris, Adams and Patrick, and conferences named Campbell and Prince of Wales.) The Purples are 6-1, but really haven’t beaten anybody. Unless you consider Vandy and Indiana football schools. Pat Fitzgerald’s teams are always feistier than they are good. Last year, the Wildcats stole one in Lincoln. Nebraska was plundered at Ohio State in its last outing but had a week off to regroup. The Cornhuskers still have visions of Roses dancing in their heads. Is it pay back time in Evanston? I don’t think so.

Rutgers @ Temple. Conversely speaking, allow me to be the 438th scribe to mention that there are three Big East schools in the first official certified BCS standings of 2012. And that doesn’t include Boise State, which is on a collision course with joining the league. The undefeated Scarlet Knights seem to be surviving the abdication of Greg Schiano very nicely, thank you very much. Winning in Fayetteville is an accomplishment, now matter how bankrupt the Razorbacks program might be. First Temple was in the Big East, then it wasn’t, then it was, er, is. The Owls are 2-0 in the league. The Scarlet Knights are 3-0 in the league. Which means, that’s right kids, this one’s for the — all together now — league lead. Or, at least a tie at the top. Trivia Note: Temple is the only FBS school to play only 11 games. This is one they will lose.

Kansas State @ West Virginia. Notwithstanding all those Godzilla vs. King Kong SEC matchups that occur several times a Saturday once league play commences, including this coming weekend, this is the most interesting game of the week. These Wildcats, as opposed to those I’ve already talked about above, and those I’ll be talking about — very very briefly talking about — in the next paragraph, are undefeated. With impressive wins in Norman and most recently in Ames. Where, by the by, Ws don’t come easy. (Fear not, I have no intention of youtubing Ringo.) West Virginia got a comeuppance last Saturday in Lubbock. Actually what they got was their butts whipped, a/k/a got their asses kicked. What the Mountaineers shall learn this weekend is that Bill Snyder is the most underrated college football coach of recent times. When he’s on the sidelines, the Purple Pride simply line up and win. Which it will do in Morgantown.

Georgia @ Kentucky. Next.

South Florida @ Louisville. Against Pitt, the Cardinals finally started to look like the football most locals expected them to be. They played to about 82% of their capabilities. Still took some defensive sequences off. Still looked lame too often on special teams. But generally smoked the Panthers on offense. Skip Holtz’s Bulls are easily the most disappointing team in the league, perhaps across the land. They trek to Papa J’s off 4 straight Ls and two weeks of let’s start over like it’s spring practice and all positions are open. It’s hard for me to fathom they can really be as bad as they have been playing. Dissension? Drugs? Over Rated? I dunno. But what I am thinking is that U of L better be ready to play. This is a trap game at home if ever there was one. I’ve picked the Cards every game so far this year. It’s too late to stop now.

– Seedy K

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