Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

I now hereby give you irrevocable permission to throw tomatoes at me, should I ever pick South Florida again while Skip “I’m Not Nearly As Good A Coach As My Father, But I’m Probably A Better Announcer Than My Father” Holtz is roaming the sideline. The Big East co-fave has lost four in a row, looking woeful along the way. I picked ‘em to win a couple of those, including last week at Temple. I shall run with the Bulls no longer.

Nebraska also let me down during its visit to the Horseshoe on the banks of the Olentangy. South Carolina, Mississippi State and Oklahoma took care of business.

So I was 3 up, 2 down for the weekend, giving me a more than serviceable 20-10 record on the year. As Mr. Loaf sang, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

Let’s carry on.

Idaho @ Texas State. I am often given serious shit for not picking games against the spread. Too easy, say the the naysayers. What’s the point, ask the Nabobs? Like taking candy from a baby, say the Nudnicks. Okay, here’s what I inquire: How many of you Know It Alls are willing to go out on a limb on this game? Who among you knew before this moment that Dennis Franchione’s Bobcats — Yes, that Dennis Franchione — hail from San Marcos, Texas and toil in the WAC? Bonus points if, without looking, you can name the other teams in that revamped conference? FYI, those would be Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Utah State, UTSA (Texas San Antonio) and this week’s Bobcat foe, Idaho’s Vandals. Which is to admit that I’m shooting blindfolded here, relying on Phil Steele and for my insight. In other words, staying one step ahead of the class. The home team is 2-3 with a W over inept Houston. The visitors are 1-5, their coach is on several Dead Man Walking lists, but they beat NM State last week in the league opener. Though I will surely regret it, I’m picking Idaho. For two reasons. 1) so I can use this lyric: “The pumps don’t work, ’cause the vandals stole the handles,” and 2) so I can embed my favorite music video of all time.

Louisiana Tech vs. Texas A & M. Guess it’s Lone Star Week here at SKPPP. And I’m not even touching that little state fair diversion being contested in the rickety ol’ Cotton Bowl. Here we have another WAC squad venturing to Remember the Alamo country. Louisiana Tech, the “home team” will be battling the Aggies, 12 men strong, in the JerryDome in a game postponed in late August because of weather difficulties. At this date, the 5-0 Bulldogs, scoring a hefty 53+ points per game, will not be sneaking up on the SEC-tested Texans. A & M is a respectable 2-1 in their own new league. The Techsters have been wompin’ foes up one side of the head, down the other, including UVa from the not so vaunted ACC. But, will they have it together enough to take care of biz in this “home” encounter? For the second time this blog, against my better judgement, I say yes. Break up the WAC.

Stanford @ Notre Dame. There’s a simple reason this tussle is on the board. I’m trying to wrap my arms around the fact that the Irish, those idiot unis they wore last Saturday notwithstanding, may actually be deserving of the love they’re receiving. Some pundits are even projecting Kelly’s club into the uppermost echelons of the BCS standings. Knute, Ara, Gipper, say it ain’t so. So, since I’m on course for an awful week picking games (See paragraphs above.), I figure if I name Notre Dame the winner, my bad karma might jinx them. Besides, neither John Elway nor Jim Plunkett will be taking snaps under center for the visitors. The Cardinal are pretty good, despite the slip up to UDub. But, there’s no other way to say it, they’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre baaaaaaaack!!!” The Golden Domers that is.

Kentucky @ Arkansas. Did I really hear some local yesterday seriously say he thought Trinity would fare better this weekend in Fayetteville than the Cats? No, actually I didn’t. But I bet somewhere in town that conversation came down. UK is sure enough playing plenty of first year guys, considering all the injuries. Which has simply added to the innate ineptitude of this, Joker Phillips’ final Kentucky team. Plus, Arkansas registered some pulse last weekend, though John L has a better chance of coaching high school in Utah next season than he does of mentoring the Razorbacks for a second season. Futility football is what will be on display when these guys meet. Arkansas is a surprisingly large favorite. Unfortunately for the Big Blue Nation, it’s justified. Besides it’s a big never-mind in Lexington, given Big Blue Madness and all.

Louisville @ Pittsburgh. Far and away the biggest game of the season so far for U of L. To say the Cardinals have been disappointing would be serious understatement. But they’ve had a week off to rest and get Stronger. And more focused. And to learn how to tackle better. And perhaps get to the QB on occasion. Tino Sunseri was a Cardinal commit once upon a time. The Panthers enter the battle on a four game winning streak over the Cards. Louisville, the last conference team in the land to play a league opener, journeys to Steel City with new resolve. Will it be enough? I dunno. But I haven’t picked against my team so far this year, and I’m not starting now.

– Seedy K


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  1. Wildcat
    Posted October 10, 2012 at 5:58 pm | Permalink

    You don’t need to worry about breaking up the WAC It is a goner after this season..fifty years of tradition is kaput.

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