Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

Yes, my friends, if you were paying attention last week, you would have noticed that I indeed jumped on the Louisiana Tech bandwagon, correctly prognosticating the victory in Charlottesville. It was but one of my prescient picks.

I did put more faith in Rich Rod’s Arizona Wildcats than I should. They lost to undefeated Oregon State, my only miscalculation.

Four up, one down. I stand 17-8 on the season. Not bad for a guy making it up as he goes along.

I’ve pulled out the ol’ crystal ball for another round. Here goes:

South Florida @ Temple. You can sure count the Bulls among the nation’s most disappointing teams. Certainly they lead the Big East in that category. They lost at Ball State. Not good. They lost at home to surprising Rutgers in the teams’ league opener. Not good. And were bested by Florida State, though, for the first time this season, showed some heart. The Golden years are gone for Temple. Figuratively. Literally. Al Golden is now leading Miami back to respectability. The Owls only W this year is against lesser division crosstown rival Villanova. (Did they play that game at the Palestra?) The Owls were a last minute replacement for West Virginia, so this is their Big East debut. It’s hard for me to believe that Skip Holtz’s team has fallen so far so quickly. I know B.J. Daniels always more than counterbalances his good plays with a bad one or two. But it won’t be bad enough to lose in Philly. Cheesesteaks for the Bulls.

Georgia @ South Carolina. There are lots of SEC haters among the Chinstrap Cognoscenti. The league is kind of like Duke in hoops. We are ever so tired of hearing how good the football is, how many consecutive “national titles” those schools from Dixie have won, etc, etc. That said, you’re still looking forward to watching this one, aren’t you? The Ol’ Ball Coach. UGA the Umpeenth. Student bodies who actually care about football the way grandaddy taught ‘em to. Half of the nation’s 10 best play in this league. The Bulldogs and Gamecocks are there. The home standers are favored because they’ll be sleeping in their own beds the night before the game. Okay, at least, they’ll be familiar with the hotel where Spurrier has them cloistered. This battle simply feels like one which Steve Spurrier is not going to lose.

Nebraska @ Ohio State. If that last game above reeks of Big Time October Football, so does this one, Midwest Division. More brats. Fewer coeds in cocktail dresses. Serious pigskin. The Huskers only blemish was in the Rose Bowl — where they’d like to return — against seriously improved UCLA. They bopped the Badgers in the league opener, though Bob Devaney was surely turning in his grave when he saw those new made for TV unis. Pope Urban the Great has the Buckeye bandwagon rollin’. Fans up and down the Olentangy basin have already forgotten the name of that last coach, Jim Somethingoranother. The W in East Lansing was nice, but I’m not sure how telling it was. I’m thinking Nebraska wins this one for former coach Tom “I went for 2 and the win” Osborne, who is stepping down as AD at the end of the year.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech. Bob “What have I done for you lately?” Stoops suffered his now annual season crusher just three games into the season, losing to K State at home. Plus the Sooners have that little tussle in Dallas next weekend. So you gotta wonder what brand of Okie is going to show up. One looking back to that L? One looking forward to the grudge game against the Longhorns?. Or one ready to take on Tommy Tuberville’s Texas Tech? Which posse of Red Raiders, if you haven’t been watching, come into the game 4 up, Nil down. And they’re the team that busted Stoops’ last season, winning in Norman. Two in a row over Oklahoma for Tommy T’s TT? (Oh, Tim Sullivan, you alliterative fool, look what you’ve turned me into.) Answer: No.

Mississippi State @ Kentucky. Patrick Towles, come on down. Wilkommen to SEC football. Son, you ain’t in Ft. Thomas anymore. Those admonitions notwithstanding, should you happen to be the Second Coming that the Wildcat Faithful and you dad think you are and lead the Cats to victory on Saturday, you’re going to have an evening like none other in your young life. So many coeds will be lined up outside your room, your johnson will need more rehab than the strawberries and charlie horses left as gifts from the Bulldog D. But here’s the reality, son. By midway through the 2d Q, you’ll be thinking wistfully of the days you were dressing for the Bluebirds to take on Pendleton County. Seems to me it’s going to take more than one messiah to help these Cats. UK may hang in a shade longer than last week, but not long enough for a W.

– Seedy K

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  1. bob
    Posted October 4, 2012 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    I am sure Joker was saving Towles for the next Coach, what else could have been the reason not to play him?

    Earl will tell you he is better than Couch at this stage. I should add Couch without Yeast.

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