Tuesday Tidbits: The Beat Goes On

Some anathemas never go away.

Yesterday I ate lunch with a bunch of fellows, U of L fans all, except for John, who likes the Cards but favors blue a bit more. Soon enough the conversation got around to comparing column inches of Courier-Journal coverage between you know who(m) and you know who(m). Of course, the plaint was that Louisville was being give short shrift . . . as always.

Then this morning there was an email in my inbox from a much more measured fellow, who now is all Cards all the time, but was a Cats fan when I met him. (No, it’s not John Yarmuth, but that description also holds true for my former editor, currently employed in D.C.) Here’s what this fellow asked, “why-oh-why is the C-J (and one supposes the local TV folk as well) so in love with UK and Coach Cal?”

Hmm. My response: “State university. Large following in Jefferson County. Defending national champs. Coach Cal, a PR genius. Just had their pre-season photo session which always generates pub, as it will for U of L. Bottom Line: They’re THE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Even with the C-J’s stature precipitously in freefall, I’m of the generation that still cares about our local print newspaper. But, I’ve never really been bothered by how much coverage they afford the state’s two flagship schools. In this age when you can read all you want about any subject at any time simply by turning on your favorite internet access device, it matters not a whit.

But the rivalry, and the enmity attendant thereto, certainly abide as strongly as ever.

* * * * *

What I do care about is the woeful editing and proofreading that now plagues the daily. I know I should give it up, but I simply can’t help myself. (Besides these blogs are filled with lots of errors, so people in glass houses, etc, etc.)

Kentucky went from a 14 point favorite over Top 25 Mississippi State in yesterday’s edition to a 10 1/2 point underdog today.

A 24 1/2 point swing in the spread. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Talk about smart money making a move early in the week. Uh, no. Yesterday’s line was obviously a typo. One of the many that plague the Courier these days every day. Such a pity.

* * * * *

Get ready for more baseball commentary here, starting with the playoffs this weekend.

My Detroit Tigers survived, so I’ll be tuning in with more than a passing interest as long Jim Leyland’s nine is alive.

Baseball aficionados will often talk about how the subtleties of the game make a difference, even if they are hardly noticed by the casual fan. The Tigers shuffled along behind the ChiSox for most of the season. Every once in awhile they’d tie for the AL Central lead, then fall back.

Until last week when Detroit beat Kansas City for a pivotal victory. The winning run came in the bottom of the 8th, when Jhonny Peralta hit into a sure thing double play that would have ended the inning. Except that RF Andy Dirks took out the guy covering 2d, so he couldn’t make the throw to first to complete the DP and end inning. Which allowed PH Don Kelly to score the winning tally.

The stuff teams work on in March won it for the Tigers in September.

This came the night after Anibal Sanchez, out of the blue, hurled a masterful 3-hit shutout.

Detroit never looked back. The Chicago White Sox flinched.

* * * * *

The surest sign yet that hoops season is just about upon us?

No, it’s not the photo spread of Anthony Davis wannabe Nerlens Noel in the paper.

It’s the news that yet another major injury has hit the Louisville camp before the official beginning of practice. So now we bid a sad adieu to the Mike Marra Era.

The Rick might want to check the practice facility for ghouls. Or Jimmy Hoffa’s body and the curse that surely goes along with it.

One guy’s opinion. An exorcism is in order.

– Seedy K

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