Sunday Afternoon QB: Joker & John L, Not Pleased & Other Observations

After U of L escaped Papa J’s like a thief in the night, I passed on a post mortem with the usual suspects over chicken shwarma at our buddy Ray Ray’s on Fourth Street. There was some righteous football to be played last night, and I intended to take it in, check marking sure to be correct predictions on my tally sheet as the final horns sounded.

Then Rocky Top went Rocky Bottom against the Gators. UK proved it’s not ready for prime time in the SEC, or, for that matter, the Sun Belt. Stanford’s scholar athletes sent USC back to LA with armor mangled. And, the coup de grace, Coach Irascible’s Fighting Irish bested Michigan State. (Have to see what Homer’s blogging today? Both Troy and Sparta lost. Who has Helen’s heart this day?)

9-1 in my picks coming into Saturday, I went to sleep 10-5 after going 1 up, 4 down for the weekend. Shoulda gone for the shwarma.

* * * * *

Couldn’t help but compare the body language of Willie Taggert and Joker Phillips along the sideline as last night’s stunner unfolded. (Nor could I avoid going back to that overheard conversation last week, when one wag was trying to convince another that Taggert’s the best choice to replace Phillips.)

UK’s soon to be ex-coach, Joker Phillips, looked like a worried man singing a worried song.

Musical interlude:

The Cats had come back from 0-17, scored in the final seconds to tie it up. And looked like the big brother who was going to pull it out in the end despite the efforts of l’il guy.

Taggert remained cool and focused, now and again displaying a wry smile when a call went the wrong way or his team messed up. He appeared in charge at all times. He never panicked.

The Topper mentor gauged his team perfectly, figuring his D didn’t have much breath left, he decided to go Tom Osborne after WKU matched Kentucky’s TD in the initial overtime period. His play was all Boise State razzle dazzle and the bus ride back to Bowling Green was surely a joyous one.

Meanwhile Phillips and his underwhelming coaching staff should be googling up moving companies.

* * * * *

Football season has ended early as usual in Bloomington.

Without their star QB, the Hoosiers lost to the Ball State Letterman.

Cody Zeller, come on down.

* * * * *

Virginia Tech had to be shaving points, right?

* * * * *

Loved the way Fox’s camera’s showed a lot of Stanford’s David Shaw on the sideline. And not so much of SoCal’s Lane Kiffin.

Also smiled when Erin Andrews, back in the studio during a cutaway, started her voiceover of Western’s winning play by telling America’s most exciting play by play guy Gus Johnson, “Gus, I’d love to have heard you call this one.”

Johnson and Andrews have made Fox a major college pigskin playah in short time. Yo, Big East commish Mike Aresco, you payin’ attention?

* * * * *

In Rock Chalk Jayhawk Land, Charlie Weis is picking up right where he left off at TD Jesus U..

Kansas had a lackluster opening W against South Dakota State, followed by Ls to Rice last weekend and TCU at home yesterday.

* * * * *

UCLA stayed the course on its climb to relevance, bashing hapless Houston, 37-6.

Kansas State rollled. We’ll find out how legit they are Saturday, when they visit Boomer Sooner, which is coming off a bye week.

Northwestern may have the glossiest 3-0 record in the land with Ws over three BCS league foes, Boston College the latest yesterday.

* * * * *

Some interesting games next week (Let’s hope I get some of ‘em right.)

Arizona visits Oregon.

Clemson visits Tallahassee.

Notre Dame hosts the Wolverines.

Temple visits Penn State.

Rutgers journeys to play John L’s beleaguered Razorbacks.

Missouri tastes life on the road in the SEC at South Carolina.

– Seedy K

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