Monthly Archives: August 2012

Tuesday’s Tidbits: A Little This & Some of That

During the couple of ends-with-a-whimper-not-with-a-bang Cardinal hoops seasons, the two before last year’s surprising Final Four visit, there was a running joke among my friends. With Charlie Strong at the helm, U of L had once again become “a football school.”Or, so we’d joke after a disappointing hoops L. We knew — and still know […]

Olympic Sunday Brunch: Andy, Sandy & Randy

I surmise that the majority of you, real sports fans all, have learned that, unlike NBC’s saccharine prime time coverage, there are real sporting competitions to be viewed in full, during the day. (Thank you, Time Warner, for not giving the finger to NBC Networks like you have to NFL Network.) This Sunday morn, most […]

I’ve Seen the Sign: Pigskins Just Over The Horizon

Today I had that annually arriving, indelible moment that convinced me: Football season is soon upon us. It is not that U of L starts practice this afternoon, nor that Media Day is next week. Nor that I received the season ticket I continue to buy despite media access, because I’m afraid if I stop […]

Olympic Moments: Maggie More than Missy & Mo’

We can breathe a sigh of relief. Finally NBC has a darling. Well, make that “had a darling.” Missy “The Missle” Franklin, come on down. The teen queen swimmer from Colorado won the 100-backstroke about 45 seconds after heat qualifying in another race. She has a Julia Roberts smile, travels with her teddy bear — […]