Counting Down To Kickoff

Charlie Strong meets the media on Mondays during the season.

The gathering before the UK game is, for obvious reasons, traditionally the best attended. Especially when the game’s in Louisville. The gathered can get their credentials without an extra trip to the SID’s office. Then there’s the BBQ, potato salad and cookies. (Okay, they feed us every week.)

Anyway, as is par for the course for such affairs, there is little new knowledge to be discovered. Yet there were several interesting nuggets of info.

* * * * *

Strong was asked about a couple of surprises atop the depth chart at their positions. Terrelll Floyd is listed at corner ahead of Andrew Johnson. Strong indicated it was merely a matter of circumstance. Johnson was hurt, missed a few practices, Floyd was there so he’s currently the starter.

George Durant, a junior, who started nary a game last season and nabbed but 4 tackles on the season, is listed as one of three starting linebackers. Strong: “He’s had an outstanding fall camp.”

* * * * *

The most telling moment of the press conference came when Strong was asked what a W on Saturday would mean for in-state recruiting?

The coach didn’t mince words.

Shrugging and throwing up his hands, he forthrightly said, “We both (UK and U of L) need to find a way to keep them here.

“The good players are all going out of state.”

* * * * *

Another, more immediate concern is the kicking game.

“We’re missing a lot of field goals in practice.

“Punting. One time it goes for 50 yards. One time for 20. We need to develop some consistency.”

One has to wonder how this might affect Cardinal strategy if deep in a foe’s territory, facing a 4th and long?

* * * * *

On a more positive note, he seems most pleased with the receiving corps.

“Wide receiver was the surprise of fall practice.”

– Seedy K


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