Thursday’s Bluegrass Big Blue Insinuata

Hard on the heels of a recent CBS Sportsline survey of college hoops coaches which named 5 Wildcats among the 24 with the perceived dirtiest recruitment (2 of top 3) came even more innuendo to send Big Blue Nation into a tizzy. That survey by the by, I feel compelled to mention, followed another in which more than a third of the mentors taking part perceived Coach Cal to be their peer who is the biggest cheater.

And now . . . Nerlens Noel . . . come on down and have a hot seat.

Seems as if the Anthony Davis wannabe with the Kid & Play doo is garnering some significant NC2A attention. Now that the organization has time, having slapped Cal Tech and Penn State back to the era when Monday Night Jousting was all the rage.

To add to the indigestion of Billy Gene and Norma Susan down in Big Bone Lick, the guy bringing it all to the nation’s attention is That Devil Incarnate Pete Thamel, formerly of the NY Times, now with Sports Illustrated. That sumbitch has it out for the Cats, I’m a tellin’ ya.

Anyhow none of us knows the details, certainly not me. I’ve been out of commission for few days and am just now getting back into the fray. Wasn’t Noel going to play another year of high school/ prep school. The next thing we knew, Coach Cal came a callin’ and the kid jumps up a year in class and signs with the Wildcats.

Now the NC2A is visiting his former school with special guest attendee Sandy Bell. Whatever Ms. Bell, UK’s compliance director, is getting paid, it’s not enough. The lady doesn’t lack for work.

Meanwhile those visions UK fans had of Noel standing in Davis’s spot on the podium next April with a net around his neck have been replaced by hallucinations of Cats and similarly beleaguered Tar Heels waiting in the same courtroom spot for the jury foreman to read their verdicts.

* * * * *

The Kentucky faithful, it is sad to say, are getting no succor from their football team.

Joker Phillips is shvitzing like a pig in a truck bed, heading over to Fischer Packing in Butchertown. The UK football coach is a Dead Man Walking if ever there was one. Even the hot seat has been pulled away.

Yesterday he implored local alumni to stick by the Cats. He even went John Foster Dulles on the most ardent Kentucky fans. Either you’re with us, or you’re against us, he implored.

I got a call from loyal reader Wildcat Willie yesterday. WW resides in the Peach State these days, and he is just now realizing how so not peachy the football situation is in Lexington. Guys getting hurt. No QB grabbing the starting job by the short and curlies. Guys injured. Woe is unto them.

Are UK football and Joker Phillips standing on shaky ground? Cue the Temps.

– Seedy K

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