Olympic Moments: Maggie More than Missy & Mo’

We can breathe a sigh of relief. Finally NBC has a darling. Well, make that “had a darling.”

Missy “The Missle” Franklin, come on down.

The teen queen swimmer from Colorado won the 100-backstroke about 45 seconds after heat qualifying in another race. She has a Julia Roberts smile, travels with her teddy bear — no relation to “Ted” I hope — went to her prom like any other normal teen, turned down endorsements so she can swim in college, makes all As, hasn’t outgrown Justin Bieber and will soon be seen, I’m so sure, on a box of Wheaties at your neighborhood grocery store.

She accepts her size 13 feet with that smile a time zone wide.

She is a winner. She is a sweetheart.

Then she lost the next night.

So the Darling du Jour became Allison Schmitt, who took off a year from school and trained with that Phelps guy, who has now won more Olympic medals. Than anyone. Ever.

Anyway, truth is neither of those swimmers has been the distaff Olympic U.S. teen Star of Stars, no matter the NBC schmaltz.

That would be Maggie Steffens.

Steffens is 19 and will be a freshman water polo player — and student — this fall at Stanford.

In her Olympic debut, she scored 7 goals for the U.S. in their 14-13 W over Hungary. The double hat trick +1 tied the Olympic record for most goals in a game.

Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp. Her favorite song is “anything by Michael Jackson.” Her favorite present ever was a giant Butterfinger in her Christmas stocking at age 4.

Missy meet Maggie. Maggie, Missy.

Bob Costas, Ryan Seacrest, let the gushing commence.

* * * * *

Is it my imagination, or has political correctness become a bigger story than medal count?

Okay, not really, but what gives?

A male Argentinian field hockey star was suspended for some comment he made about the UK — United Kingdom not Kentucky Wildcats — the Iron Lady and the Falkland Islands take back. Which was, what, 30 years ago? Other athletes too, a guy from Switzerland, maybe, of all places. And journalists. And a Muslim guard.

Just play the game.

* * * * *

Speaking of field hockey, the US was huge yesterday, shutting down favorite Argentina.

1 zed on a Shannon Taylor goal.

* * * * *

I would be remiss at this juncture, were I to fail to mention Mangok Mathiang.

He is not a Pakistani weightlifter. Nor a South Korean table tennis star. Nor a member of Gabon’s futbol team.

He’s Rick Pitino’s latest “find.”

Talk about out of the blue. Just when you think the Cards need a point guard, The Rickster goes and signs another center.


* * * * *

You got my proxy on Dressage.

And the rest of those horse events too.

* * * * *

Still hot for White Water Rafting and Team Handball. Though I can name no names nor provide any results. They’re super fun to watch. Without fawning announcers. Like those “Toddlers & Tiaras” rejects who are providing fawning analysis nightly during the gymnastic competition.

By the way, Jordan Weiber, you want to compete in the Individual All-Around? Score more points than your opponents.

* * * * *

Mo’ later. I’m goin’ to meet some guys for lunch.

– Seedy K

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