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Pigskin Opening Night: Owls & Zebras MIA

While savoring the beginning of the college football season last night, I couldn’t help but think of one of the sport’s most infamous moments. Which happened a half century ago. (I apologize for getting in touch with my inner Earl Cox, though this has nothing to do with Wah Wah Jones.) Viewing Rice’s Owls, playing […]

Pitino’s Last Stand?: Rumor & Innuendo

Yes, I know we are but four days away from a sure to be soggy rivalry smackdown between the Cats and Cards. (Thank you, Isaac. And remember fans, no umbrellas allowed in Papa J’s.) It’s sure to be fun and all that, pigskin bragging rights in the Commonwealth for the next annum, right? However we […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

This is the moment you inveterate chinstrap-attired, bratwurst-munching, tailgate-addicted Bronco Nagurski acolytes have been awaiting with baited breath since Nick Saban last January ratcheted up comparisons to The Guy In The Houndstooth Fedora . The moment when you know this is the week when you can officially spelunk down to your school color-adorned man cave, […]

Counting Down To Kickoff

Charlie Strong meets the media on Mondays during the season. The gathering before the UK game is, for obvious reasons, traditionally the best attended. Especially when the game’s in Louisville. The gathered can get their credentials without an extra trip to the SID’s office. Then there’s the BBQ, potato salad and cookies. (Okay, they feed […]

’72 Olympic Hoops Snafu: A Contrarian View

The 1972 US Olympic Men’s Basketball Team reunited this weekend in Georgetown, where teammate Kenny Davis played in college before becoming a member of AAU’s Marathon Oiler squad and that international contingent. The general belief here in America is that the team got a royal international screw job in Munich. I’ve just watched the end […]

Sports Sunday: Clearing Off The Desk Before Kickoff

Yes, friends, we are but days away from that time of year that SEC commish Mike Slive likes to call Moneyball. College football, and soon thereafter the game played by the play for more pay guys, are bout to kickoff. Not soon enough if you ask me. (Though my Tigers are neck and neck with […]

Thursday’s Bluegrass Big Blue Insinuata

Hard on the heels of a recent CBS Sportsline survey of college hoops coaches which named 5 Wildcats among the 24 with the perceived dirtiest recruitment (2 of top 3) came even more innuendo to send Big Blue Nation into a tizzy. That survey by the by, I feel compelled to mention, followed another in […]

Now For A Brief Intermission

If you’ve been wondering why for the last week or so I haven’t been weighing in on the latest goings on in the world of sports, well, just taking a little time off. I intend to tune the engine, get the juices flowing again, rest my metaphors. I’ll be back later in the week, refreshed, […]

Olympics Wrap Up: A Rehash

I know the London Olympiad is soooooooooo day before yesterday over, but I’ve been a busy guy. So, just a few of the highlights for me. Then I’ll get on to college football the way the Good Lord means it to be . . . now that he’s wearing a hounds tooth hat. * * […]

U of L Cardinal Football: Media Day Report

As Eric Crawford explained more fully in a recent blog, any real information one gets at a Media Day dog and pony show is purely accidental. Charlie Strong is earnest. While he’ll never master coachspeak like his incompetent predecessor — Krag could talk it but not walk it — he seems more comfortable by the […]