Olympics Begin: Some Not So Secure Observations

I intended to begin my bloggery about the Olympics with some pithy comment about how much safer security is here in the Cherokee Triangle than in Trafalgar Square. Something like how our Neighborhood Watch and the solo cop who patrols the Sunday Night Triangle Park concerts are doing a better job than the understaffed G4S.

Then some guy gets pissed when it’s his turn at karaoke the other night at a club on Bardstown Road, and he starts popping caps at folks in the street.

So I guess the security thing is a wash, and that shtick is best left unstated.

* * * * *

Hot futbol goalie Hope Solo with her great name and comely good looks has been set to be one of the PR winners coming out of these games. The Wheaties folks are ready for her solo. Get it?

Then she tests positive for some drug. An “honest mistake” she says. And on Twitter, she lambasts former soccer hero Brandi Chastain for her reasonable TV commentary.

Hope may be a hottie, but she’s looking high maintenance to me. Shut your trap, darlin’, and play the game.

* * * * *

For some inexplicable reason yesterday (Saturday), I didn’t get into watching any of the competition live in real time.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I tried to sign in online to watch the heralded Lochte vs. Phelps 400 IM smackdown. I never could get it. The software wouldn’t recognize my Insight account. I’m a reasonably bright fellow when it comes to computers, and I simply could never get hooked up.

So, well aware of the cloying Americentric coverage NBC was going to deliver in prime time, I turned in anyway.

Before I fell asleep in my recliner — sooner rather than later — I was taken aback by one very weird phenomenon: The announcers’ hair.

Bob Costas’ coif has obviously been dyed a dark brown. The kind of color that’s off just enough to be totally noticeable and out of kilter.

John McEnroe’s greying hair is now surfer blonde. Really John? And his interview with Ryan Lochte was inane.

I’m not sure exactly why Ryan Seacrest is part of Olympic coverage, but I’ll say this. Even if his interview with Michael Phelps and his mom and his sisters was infantile, the new Dick Clark’s hair was pommaded and perfect.

* * * * *

Could somebody explain to me why female volleyballers feel compelled to hug each other after every single point?

* * * * *

The first truly laudable performance of the Olympics was produced by legally blind South Korean archer Im Dong-hyun.

He broke his own world record in the 72 arrow event with a score of 699. (Don’t ask for a comparison to some other sport. I haven’t a clue, but, hey a world record is, like, you know, the best that’s ever been.)

The guy has 10% vision in one eye, 20% in the other.

I’m impressed.

Which is not to mention that he can sense the bull’s eye, but doesn’t have to worry about seeing Bob Costas’ and Johnny Mac’s hairdos.

– Seedy K

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