Thursday’s Hot Sports in the Summertime

Well, I’ll be honest here.

I’ve been blindsided by the commencement of Olympic competition . . . without my requisite cache of beverages, chips, dips and DiGiorno in the freezer or Delivery on speed dial or both. Woe is me.

Soccer has started. Yesterday, the US Women Soccer team bested France after a slow beginning. (With Brandi Chastain in the booth, wearing her blouse, I assume.) Japan has upset Men’s Soccer favorite Spain, 1 nil in Group play. I’m currently enthralled with Switzerland vs. Gabon in a contentious futbol match, tied 1-1 in the second.

Thus the games of this 2012 London Olympiad, the first there since ’48 — when The Baron’s Wildcats plus a couple of guys battered France 65-21 for the hoops Gold — have begun.

And I thought nothing started before Bob Costas’ cloying commentary during the Orange Bowl halftime-ish Opening Ceremonies, which the Peacock will replay in prime time tomorrow night.

Guess I’ll have to slip out for my cache of refreshments later this evening during a break in the action.

I hope the Peacock, with all its participating stations, televises the minor sports we never see. Those are the ones I crave. Even if the U.S. of A. hasn’t qualified. Like Team Handball. Plus there’s Badminton, Table Tennis and Trampoline. And, soccer, for which the Americans are nowhere to be found.

If you want to see the daily TV schedule, you can find it here.

* * * * *

Harvey Araton in the New York Times has written an interesting piece, comparing the football situation at Penn State to that at Kentucky when Rick Pitino was hired by C.M. Newton to resurrect the basketball program.

As Araton correctly points out, it’s far less onerous to revive hoops where one or two five-stars can immediately provide fresh oxygen, but his comparison of the two situations is legitimate.

* * * * *

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my Detroit Tigers have won 8 of their last 10 and have caught the ChiSox atop the AL Central. Ace Justin Verlander takes the mound today in a series closer with Cleveland.

I happened to catch the end of last night’s Reds’ game, in which Cincy yet again came back in the 9th to win their 7th in a row to maintain a 2 1/2 lead over Pittsburgh’s surprising Pirates.

Have I mentioned that Jim Kelch, former Louisville Bats and U of L Women’s Basketball announcer, has a great baseball voice and is a really good announcer? Probably so.

* * * * *

Dwight Howard, shut up and go away.

* * * * *

Speaking of Penn State, the utterance of which name shall now resonate like Watergate or Chappaquiddick, here’s the surest sign yet that things are just the same as they ever was.

LSU has offered a scholarship to a prospect who, at its football camp, ran an impressive 4.46 forty.

Dylan Moses is his name.

In a few weeks he’ll be entering the 8th grade.

So it goes.

– Seedy K

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