Sunday’s Sports Slog with a Stiff Upper Lip

Riddle me this, ye poobahs who run Wimbledon.

How come you keep the roof you built for just such instances open when it’s going to rain on center court? Or, like now when it is, uh, raining as I write with the Men’s Championship tied at a set a piece between Roger Federer and homie Andy Murray?

Brits invented Stiff Upper Lip, or so it would seem. Fortitude in the face of adversity, as Wiki would define it. Self restraint. No display of weakness, a trembling upper lip at times of tension.

Yeah, well it’s real admirable and all that, a generally favorable trait to display. But this is the championship of the premier tournament of an entire sport. The whole world is watching. And anybody with even the least intelligent smartphone can see rain was coming. So why didn’t they take the time with the match tied at a set for each to close the roof?

Well they’re finally doing it as a write late this Breakfast at Wimbledon Sunday. So we’re stuck with listening to Mike Tirico, and watch some hushed tone, television poetic remembrance of a Columbine disaster that occurred in Murray’s Scottish home town. Sweet, poignant, but we turned in for tennis, not “60 Minutes.”

As for the match, well, it shall recommence after they get the roof closed, which takes about as long as it did for British troops at the direction of Margaret Thatcher to ship from the homeland to save the Falkland Islands from usurpation by Argentina.

(Time marches on.) Neither player has taken charge of the match as play has just restarted.

* * * * *

Speaking of Rule Britannia, how about Bradley Wiggins. The Brit, a pre-Tour de France co-favorite holds a ten second lead after the first week over defending champ, Aussie Cadel Evans. Lots of riding ahead and opportunities for both — and others — with time trials and men-from-the-boys defining moment mountain stages ahead. Plus the contenders need to stay out of harm’s way, given all the crashes this Tour.

The French are happy this day. Countryman Thibaut Pinot, in his first Tour at 22 years old, won the stage.

* * * * *

Before I rag on the sad state of the Courier-Journal yet again, let me be clear.

I make a lot of mistakes in this blog. And in the pieces I post at Misspelled words. Typos. Even the occasional incorrect fact. I do try. Run spell check. Proof things. But I miss stuff. It happens. I’m a one man operation, just trying to entertain.

You can read me for free.

The Courier-Journal, once one of the great American newspapers, an institution of community pride, now costs $23 a month. The mistakes are mounting by the day.

The last straw for me may be what’s happening to the sports page. No sign of columnists to replace Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford. No sign of copy editing.

In the article about the Calipari-coached Dominican Republic’s 1/4 final W in the Olympic hoops qualifying tourney, there was reference to U of L “senior to be” Edgar Sosa.

Really? I could have sworn his eligibility ran out two seasons ago.

Like I said, I make mistakes. But, even when one of my periodic brain farts and all too familiar senior moments arrive at the same time, I rarely blow it quite that badly.

It is just sooooooooooooo sad.

Let’s see $23 x 12 months is $276 for the year.

Can somebody tell me what I’m getting for that which is unavailable somewhere else?

– Seedy K




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