Friday’s Fahrenheit: Fishing, Federer & Folderol

There are sports I watch where my allegiances are firm and of long standing. I don’t root against my Louisville Cardinals. Or the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings or Pistons. Or Barcelona. Or the Hotspur. Or Kobayashi. Or Miss Madison.

Then there are those competitions when none of the above are involved and I pick and choose. Anybody who can fell Tiger will always have my rooting interest.

Usually I go for the underdogs.

Which is why Breakfast at Wimbledon is going to be a tough one.

Normally I’d be pulling for Rule Britannia. Andy Murray is the first Brit to be wearing the all whites in the Wimbledon Final since Bunny Austin in ’38. The last homie to win was two years earlier. That side of the bracket opened up wide when Nadal went down early and Murray hit the hole, barreling through like Barry Sanders.

So, yeah, under normal circumstances, I’d brew the coffee, grab my cereal bowl and give a big hip hip for the guy crying when they play God Save The Queen.

Except that Murray’s foe is the eminently decent, soft spoken, gentleman’s champion, Roger Federer. He’ll be aiming for his seventh title on the fabled grass in a record-tying eight attempts. He earned the spot by catching the world’s current best, Novak Djokovich, early in today’s semi-final and keeping him measured.

I normally loathe cheering for the overdog — unless it’s one of my teams — but Federer plays so quietly and elegantly, and acts the same off the court, it’s impossible to stir up some faux dislike.

I guess in the end I’d like to see Murray win a little more than Roger. Give the country something to root for besides Prince William’s new sister-in-law.

* * * * *

I’m wondering if the latest sport sanctioned by the KHSAA — that would be the Kentucky High School Athletic Association — is the one where my alma mammy, J M Atherton High School, will find its niche.

It’s sure not football where the Rebels have traditionally trolled the crawlspace of the Litratings. Nor hoops where there are but a couple state tourney appearances in the sport that reared future U of L stars Charlie Tyra and Rick Wilson.

But . . . Bass Fishing just might be the niche the Rebels are looking for. The Dundee Road campus is big enough for the school to dig a practice pond on the property. The first season will start next February, running through the middle of April. The state title will be contested at the National Recreation Area of Land Between the Lakes.

Hoping a future Bill Dance is matriculating at JMA, I cheer, “Gimme an R . . . gimme an E . . .

* * * * *

The NFL which sanctions America’s most popular sport, is famous for knowing how to keep things competitive. New contenders seem to crop up every year, despite the periodic dynasties. It’s not like the other teams shiver from fear when facing the New York Football Giants, even though they’ve won a couple Super Bowls in the last few seasons.

Which I mention as a prelude to talking about the lopsided divisional results so far this year in the CFL. That would be the Canadian Football League, eh?

So far the Eastern Division is winless. Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg have failed to post a W. Whilc B.C., Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatchewan are undefeated.

Yeah, okay, they’ve only played one game each, but still . . .

Which little, totally meaningless shtick is a sure sign of how my thought processes are more than a little fried and crisper than Kettle Chips around the edges.

At least the AC is working, which is more than I could say last weekend when this whole triple digit thing started.

– Seedy K


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