Monthly Archives: July 2012

Olympics Begin: Some Not So Secure Observations

I intended to begin my bloggery about the Olympics with some pithy comment about how much safer security is here in the Cherokee Triangle than in Trafalgar Square. Something like how our Neighborhood Watch and the solo cop who patrols the Sunday Night Triangle Park concerts are doing a better job than the understaffed G4S. […]

Thursday’s Hot Sports in the Summertime

Well, I’ll be honest here. I’ve been blindsided by the commencement of Olympic competition . . . without my requisite cache of beverages, chips, dips and DiGiorno in the freezer or Delivery on speed dial or both. Woe is me. Soccer has started. Yesterday, the US Women Soccer team bested France after a slow beginning. […]

Seedy K’s Tuesday Titters

I ordered my Phil Steele College Football Yearbook today. So obsessively packed full of information is this, it allows me to actually write as if I know something. $14.25 and cheap at twice the price. Which is to say, despite this summer’s heat wave, I’m gettin’ ready for some football. (Though, while walking my pooch […]

Sports Sunday: British Edition + Bonus Stateside Stuff

As if to desensitize us to the plethora of shots of Big Ben we’ll be seeing in the weeks to come during coverage of the London Olympics, we were “treated” to an all Brit all the time weekend of sports. Two of the world’s great sporting events wound up today, one dominated by Brits, the […]

Monday’s Sports Musings

There’s a note sitting on my desk. It’s been here for several days. I’ve ignored it while frolicking at Forecastle. It reads “Death Penalty @ Penn State?” And, of course, while I procrastinated, the ever professional, more vigilant than myself, Rick Bozich weighed in this afternoon on the topic. With essentially the same thoughts that […]

Sunday’s Sports Slog: Simpson, Swop, Silliness +

There’s no doubt who is the Sports Family Man of Summer. Golfer Webb Simpson. The reigning U.S. Open champ, at the height of his career, is passing on the British Open at Royal Lytham. Seems his bride is in the family way, expected to come to term in a couple of weeks. Instead of heading […]

MidSummer (Not So) Classic Revisted

Well now, that didn’t take long, did it? Justin Verlander posited a far from glossy ERA of 45.oo as the starter in last night’s All-Star Game. He lasted an inning on the mound. Which, frankly, was about an out and a half too long. Down 5 nil, the AL was toast before its first AB. […]

Sunday’s Sports Slog with a Stiff Upper Lip

Riddle me this, ye poobahs who run Wimbledon. How come you keep the roof you built for just such instances open when it’s going to rain on center court? Or, like now when it is, uh, raining as I write with the Men’s Championship tied at a set a piece between Roger Federer and homie […]

Friday’s Fahrenheit: Fishing, Federer & Folderol

There are sports I watch where my allegiances are firm and of long standing. I don’t root against my Louisville Cardinals. Or the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings or Pistons. Or Barcelona. Or the Hotspur. Or Kobayashi. Or Miss Madison. Then there are those competitions when none of the above are involved and I pick […]

The Fourth: Wieners, Wimbledon, Woods & Wheeling through Gaul

(Seedy Slog Note, pre-posting: I planned on having this up before noon, this Independence Day. Well, you can tell I didn’t make it. Sooooo, from the get go, I can report that Joey Chestnut repeated at Coney Island and is now six time champ. But I’ll post this as if it didn’t happen . . […]