Mea Culpa Monday & Much, Much More

If you are a Fan of my Facebook page — and if you don’t “Like” it, why the hell not? — you should have already noticed that I posted in the comment section some serious and heartfelt apologia for misdirected sniper shots fired in yesterday morning’s screed.

Among the random shots I fired and which failed to even come close to hitting their marks were these:

1. Johnny Miller and his announcing pals, working the US Open telecast from Olympic, would mention Tiger Woods name more than the contenders, even if The Anointed One bogeyed his way out of the tourney during his first few holes.

Well, proving there is a just deity on high, Woods started bogey, bogey, double bogey, bogey, or something like that, and was blissfully never a factor. And, I’ll be damned if TV didn’t simply ignore him for the rest of the day. A gratuitous shot of him coming to the 18th, and a couple more mentions and, well, that was it.

My bad. Let me offer my serious apologies for any inconvenience my ranting on this matter may have caused you.

2. The too cool for school Miami Heat fans, always a stylin’ bunch, would thwart any effort to make them wear matching telegenic t-shirts in the stands during last night’s Game 3.

Well, turns out I was seriously wrong about this. While the stands weren’t quite as uniform as those in OKC, the vast majority of attendees covered their spangle and bling with Miami whities.

I am still awaiting a concise and legitimate explanation for this odd phenomenon that everybody attending a basketball game should wear the same shirt.

At any rate, my bad. Let me offer my serious apologies for any inconvenience my ranting on this matter may have caused you.

3. Beau Hossler would be the next national craze.

The amateur high school linkster was in contention at Olympic, heading into the final round. Then played his age on such a big stage, and didn’t even finish as low amateur, which title was captured by a future Texas Longhorn teammate, Jordan Spieth. (Does that golf coach in Austin know how to recruit, or what?)

Which is offer yet again, my bad. Let me offer my serious apologies for any inconvenience my ranting on this matter may have caused you.

So, there ya go.

* * * * *

I was correct about Stony Brook though.

The America East upstart was two and done in the College World Series.

Kent State’s flirtation with baseball fame will surely end today against the mighty mighty Florida Gators, who had the misfortune of meeting league rival, will they ever lose South Carolina, in their opener.

* * * * *

Is it my imagination, or has all the cacophony about conference realignment died down? Way way down? From a scream to less than a whisper?

* * * * *

Am I the only one who has bookmarked to read Louisville’s leading sports columnists, Rich Bozich and Eric Crawford?

I doubt it.

And, is it my imagination, or, all of a sudden, is there a lot more horse racing and recruiting news in what’s left of the Courier-Journal’s sports pages?

Makes sense. After all, Jennie Rees and Jody Demling are the only stars left.

* * * * *

My Detroit Tigers have won 2 in a row, and 7 of their last 10. Hopefully the gang is back on course.

The Reds have captured 6 in a row, to widen their NL Central lead over the surprising upstart Pittsburgh. (I know 2 guys who are flyin’ high. Sports wag Rick Cushing and my pal JGJ, both long time inveterate Pirate fans.)

A Detroit/ Cincy series would be the bomb.

* * * * *

Dale Jr. won yesterday’s NASCAR race in Michigan. Apparently that’s a pretty big thing among those who follow stock car racing.

* * * * *

Only 16 days until Joey Chestnut defends his Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating crown on Coney Island.

– Seedy K


  1. Wildcat
    Posted June 18, 2012 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    You are a gentleman and a scholar as well as a mentsh for admitting to your horrible predictions. What you are not is a swami though you do indeed keep trying.

  2. doug
    Posted June 18, 2012 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Here’s the explanation for Heat fan’s uniform whitie look. White t-shirts were placed on each seat prior to game. Saw report from arena several hours before game and shirts were in place.

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