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The Requisite Revisit of LeBron

Now that he has traveled, with kleig lights ever shining down upon him, from The Blunder to the Plunder of Thunder, we/I are/am left to take a look at his game, his place in the pantheon of professional hoops and, to be fair, ourselves/myself as much as He Who Would Dare Be Dubbed King. LeBron […]

Mea Culpa Monday & Much, Much More

If you are a Fan of my Facebook page — and if you don’t “Like” it, why the hell not? — you should have already noticed that I posted in the comment section some serious and heartfelt apologia for misdirected sniper shots fired in yesterday morning’s screed. Among the random shots I fired and which […]

Seedy K’s Sports Sunday: Snippets & Sniper Shots

I’m sssssssssssssizzlin’ already. Lets’ get this party started. Ready, aim . . . Name Game. Let’s do Tiger. Tiger, Tiger bo biger bonana fana fo figer/ Fe fi mo figer, Tiger The telecast of the US Open’s final round is just hours away. And I’m looking for some help here. My supposition is that Tiger […]

Monday Musings: Devils, On the Diamond, In Group D & Mo’

Let’s start with a shout out to my Detroit Tigers. They played three one-run games against the Reds this weekend in Cincy, winning two. Last night they came back big in the top of the 8th with an improbable shellacking of Aroldis Chapman. Hopefully it will provide impetus for a rejuvenation. Detroit’s been falling in […]

LeBron Goes Beasman on Boston

Former UK coach Joe B. Hall has always been forthright about that ’77-’78 NCAA championship season. It wasn’t fun, he’s admitted. Carrying the 200 lb + carcass of Adolph Rupp on his back, and having to fend off forays from that upstart Denny Crum down the road, the ever irascible Hall needed to win the […]

Thursday’s for Thunder & Cardinal Plunder

There are reasons why most basketball fans will glory in a Miami LeBrons’ defeat tonight, while tipping their hats to San Antonio, even though the Spurs blew a double digit halftime lead in their loss to OKC last night, eliminating them from another title shot. Grace. Humility. All pro Tim Duncan on the game: “We […]

Hump Day Hoops Chatter

Let’s start out with the Prevarication of the Day. As a member of U of L’s credentialed media, I received this message this afternoon: “Forward Stephan Van Treese has been provided his release from the University of Louisville men’s basketball team.” Given that Rick Pitino’s hoops squad was over the limit on schollys, there’s been […]

Hoops: Will Spurs Beat — Or Even Meet — The Heat?

Without making too big a deal out of this — After all it’s not as monumental as Crawford and Bozich saying sayonara at the C-J — I can’t see this wagering dispute of mine being resolved anywhere but the International Court of Justice. Or, at the very least, the International House of Pancakes, by Joey […]