You Got Questions, I Got . . .

Louisville sports fans know I’m a life long U of L fan.

Louisville sports fans know I’ve got this blog — which gives me the appearance of being in the know, if not the reality of same — in which space, I pontificate as if I know something about U of L sports. And other things, about which I’m equally clueless.

When I say to those who ask me what’s happening with Cardinal sports this off season, as I did just yesterday during a catch up lunch with an old pal, “I know nothing,” people respond, like my pal yesterday during the catch up lunch, “Come on, I know you know . . . something?”

At which point, I’m inclined to a) make something up; or, more often, and more truthful, b) say it’s something you’ve already heard but here’s what I’m hearing and thinking based upon no concrete evidence whatsoever.

People listen anyway. Go figure.

And I’ve had so many sports nuts wonder recently what my take is on all the U of L rumors floating about — It’s true. I don’t understand it either. — that I’m going to give you my best “b)” game. (See “b)” above).

Q: What’s up with Louisville and the Big 12?

A: I honestly don’t know. I would hope, given Tom Jurich’s admission to the Big East that the Cards are looking to move away from the NY media market to the heartland, that something’s happening but I don’t know what it is. That a move is on the visible horizon.

Other than that opinion, which is based on nothing, I know nothing.

Q: Okay, then, what league do you see the Cards in in two years?

A: You mean committed to?

Q: Okay, yes.

A: If you must, the Big 12. If not, U of L football is in a heap o’ smelly heap. The decline of hoops, one guy’s opinion, would commence and accelerate if U of L is forced to remain in the watered down Big Least. Football would become irrelevant.

And, yes, I’ve even heard the innuendo that somehow the Cards and Notre Dame are in tandem, some sort of package deal, with the Big 12. To which gossip, the most mild response I can give is “bullshit.” Why on earth would TD Jesus want to frolic with that new blown up Cardinal Bird?

And, yes, I’ve heard that Jurich has given Charlie Strong, perhaps even encouraged Charlie Strong, to recruit to the Big 12. That Trinity’s James Quick is merely waiting for the announcement to pledge his troth to U of L. I haven’t the slightest idea if either of those bits of “info” are true or not?

Q: What’s going on with all the rumors in the basketball program?

A: Here me now and believe me later. If I know nothing about the football stuff, I know even less about hoops. There’s a wall, moat and Matrix Force Field around that program that would withstand an assault by any Machine Monster Michael Bay could devise. The word that comes to mind is impenetrable.

But, like you Cardinal acolytes, I’ve heard that Rozier might be in real academic peril. I’ve heard the rumors that Rakeem is headed to Florida International to play for Little Ricky, given that the kid who was going to Virginia Tech — I can’t remember his name and don’t feel liking googling it up — is apparently going to matriculate at the Belknap Campus.

Q: What’s the deal with Luke Hancock’s shoulder injury?

A: I dunno. Other than the joke that it proves he’s now a true member of the Cardinal hoops squad. Yuk, yuk.

Actually I saw a photo of him online when he was still playing at George Mason. I noticed that his shoulder was taped up. So that injury might actually have been preexisting when he arrived at U of L.

Q: Why does U of L basketball these days have to be a soap opera?

A: I haven’t a clue. But I hate it.

– Seedy K




  1. Mark
    Posted May 23, 2012 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    “Big 12 guru Chip Brown hit the radio (Tuesday) to talk … conference realignment. … Later in the program he mentioned that the Big 12 took an exhaustive look at what adding Louisville would entail, and that the results did not turn out favorably.”

  2. bob
    Posted May 24, 2012 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    Since this is a slow time for UL sports; I will let you end on some new information

    I have heard from a very bad source who is almost never correct that Bobby will be coaching at UK for the 2013/2014 FB season.

    He will announce at the Wild Cat Lodge that this has always been his dream to coach such a powerhouse and this is where he will end his coaching career.

    Earl C. was quoted as saying he will be better than the Bear and he has already signed a player at this stage of his career is better than Wah Wah.

  3. david
    Posted May 24, 2012 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    The irony of all this conference realignment is that the president of Pitt, who started all of this is going to see his U wind up in a conference, the ACC, which will be just as irrelevant as the Big East.

  4. Big Smooth
    Posted May 25, 2012 at 3:36 pm | Permalink

    Here is a link to a well written analysis of UL BB injuries. Don’t know if it is accurate but it makes sense to me

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