Well Now, Where Were We?

Okay, I survived 11 days in New Orleans, including way too much talk about Bountrygate on the sports pages.

And you, if you’re reading this, survived Derby and have enough faculties left to remember how to surf over here to Score.

So, like, you know, what’s been happenin?

Well, Luke Hancock proved himself worthy of his designation as U of L team co-captain. He hurt his shoulder and required surgery, but won’t miss a beat come the start of practice in the autumn. Or, so sayeth The Rick.

The ever inept John Marinatto is out as Big East commish. Imagine our surprise? If given the opportunity, U of L’s exit from the Big East will happen with such speed it will make Art Modell’s getaway from Cleveland look like travel by wagon train.

Another run o’ the pasture horse with the speed and stamina to survive the Derby cavalry charge won the “classic.” Of course, as happens all too often lately, the thoroughbred has a name worthy of show money in a $3000 claiming race on Tuesday at Turfway.

Roger Clements is on trial.

Tiger Woods missed another cut.

The Bats are in last place.

The defending champion Mavs were swept in 4 games.

The Bulls spit out the bit when Derrick Rose went down. (And, to be fair, suffered a couple other injuries.)

In New Orleans, all sports fans are talking about is how the Saints got jobbed by the NFL. Yawn.

Coach Cal, now a with a title on his resume, proved he’s really not ready to play anybody, anywhere, anytime.

John L. Smith has ‘em laughing in the weight room in Fayetteville, if not at Weber State.

Babe Ruth’s home has a For Sale sign on the lawn.

The BCS has determined a 4 team playoff would be in the best interests of the student athletes at LSU, Alabama, Ohio State and one other school.

Hubert Davis jumped from the TV booth to the Carolina bench. Damn, I’m going to miss his laugh, which would burst forth with impunity whenever Digger said something stupid. Which was and shall continue to be — sadly — often. Maybe some school could hire Phelps? I’m in for a hundred toward his signing bonus.

Dale Jr. in 3d place has ‘em slobbering in the infields of NASCAR.

Texas Arlington didn’t get the bid from the Big East they were hoping for, so the school joined the Sun Belt.

But, like, other than that, wazzup?

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted May 9, 2012 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    Nerlens Noel is now a Person of Interest at NCAA headquarters. I am shocked…SHOCKED that this has come to pass. The guys in Indy say he took trips to UK AND UL and the schools say THEY didn’t pay for the flights. So who did? My guess it’s some booster at the chemistry departments.
    Welcome back, cd. Glad to read you’ve been following Tiger :)

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