Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hump Day Hoops & Hockey Hooey

Let’s start with the Continental Drift, which in its most common usage refers to the shifting of the earth’s continents in relation to each other across the ocean bed. You know, tectonic plates and all that stuff. For me it’s Tony Parker’s signature move. That it is homage to Francois Hollande makes sense. Parker, we’re […]

Tuesday Titters: Technicals, Tires, Ticked Off & Top Trio

Revised 5/29 1:27 pm The Celtics, who have experienced their last hurrah for this season, though they have three games left to play, were teed up 5 times last night? Did it cost them the opener in their conference final against Miami? Hardly. Boston is battered. From age. From a long season. From Miami, which […]

You Got Questions, I Got . . .

Louisville sports fans know I’m a life long U of L fan. Louisville sports fans know I’ve got this blog — which gives me the appearance of being in the know, if not the reality of same — in which space, I pontificate as if I know something about U of L sports. And other […]

Big Choke Saturday

There were more gag jobs than usual yesterday in the world of sports. Being a schadenfreude kind o’ guy, I’m here to rank them for you. Special mention first goes to¬† . . . Seedy K. That would be me. I’m the guy, who in the aftermath of the Kentucky Derby called I’ll Have Another […]

NBA Playoffs: Living With and Without

This is the moment I’ve been dreading all spring. It is long past time that I weigh in on the NBA playoffs. After all I am a hoopaholic, residing in Hoopsylvania, charged by the powers that be at LEO Weekly to blog about sports. It is my duty. Sigh. The truth, the awful unexpurgated truth, […]

Tuesday Titters: Premier League, Plundered League

I’m going to get around to the Big LEast, but first a mention of the Premier League, England’s equivalent of the NFL. Futbol, not football. The season ended Sunday in a stunning fashion. (Yeah, I know, you could give a shit. But I’m going to briefly mention it anyway, so incredible was the conclusion.) Manchester […]

Well Now, Where Were We?

Okay, I survived 11 days in New Orleans, including way too much talk about Bountrygate on the sports pages. And you, if you’re reading this, survived Derby and have enough faculties left to remember how to surf over here to Score. So, like, you know, what’s been happenin? Well, Luke Hancock proved himself worthy of […]