Tuesday Titterings: Smith, Jones & Others

A little of this and a little of that:

I don’t care that Terrence Jones had a flotilla of media types following along. I thought it kinda neat that he kept his promise and brought flowers to the U of L cheerleader he pummeled while chasing a loose ball in the NCAA semis.

Maybe it was Jones’ idea. Maybe his agent, or even Coach Cal, put him up to it.

I could care less.

It makes me smile.

And for those of you Cardinal fans and Wildcat fans that are using this as the latest incident to spew your vitriol, go somewhere and leave the rest of us alone . . . please.

* * * * *

There really aren’t enough publishable words to describe what a scumbag I think John L. Smith is for abandoning Weber State to return to Arkansas. As interim coach. With a one year contract. Without ever having coached a game at Weber State. Which school, by the by, is Smith’s alma mater.

He more than most should understand what a smarmy move it is. Given all the grief he had to endure after jumping ship at U of L on the day of a bowl game. He should know that the grass isn’t always greener. Literally. He was canned at Michigan State.

There is an arrogance about the college football coaching fraternity, at least most of its members, that is truly reprehensible. Like the rules that apply to rest of society don’t apply to them.

Smith’s move is but the latest example.

* * * * *

I’ll be in New Orleans the day of the NFL draft.

That’s a town that loves its pro football team. A town that rallied behind its team’s Super Bowl W several years back.

A town that is surely in shock over recent developments. Coach is gone. GM looks like he’s gone. Player suspensions still to be announced.

If I pick up any nuggets of info I’ll pass them along.

* * * * *

Wonder what Tiger Woods and Brett Favre are doing right at this moment?

Which question tells me it’s time to wrap up this edition. (Besides, it’s almost time for kickoff of Barcelona vs. Chelsea in the Champions League semis.)

– Seedy K

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