Jeff Long Stands Strong

You know how as December rolls around annually, Sports Illustrated always chooses a Sportsperson of the Year?

The person selected is supposed to not only have excelled in his/ her athletic endeavors, but to represent the finest in human traits to which we all are supposed to aspire.

Well, sports fans, there’s a clear leader in the clubhouse. If justice is served, some golfer or baller¬† or tennis ace or scatback is going to have to have won a title and to have saved a lot of lives after a boat accident or started a charity that finds a cure for cancer or some equivalent to beat Arkansas AD Jeff Long.

Yesterday, this bespectacled fellow set new standards for his profession. His firing of Bobby Petrino is akin to Bob Beamon’s long jump at the ’68 Olympics.

Of course, it was a no brainer, something that should have been done. But, in the world of big time college football, SEC big time college football, at a school that is — was –¬† on the cusp of joining the most upper of the upper echelon’s of this sport, this was far from a gimme. It was courageous.

Long came up huge.

He faced the players like a man’s man . . . before announcing his decision to the media . . . and explained his decision.

You want to see the paradigm of self assured, watch a tape of his press conference.

That we herald the firing as heroic is not only a testament to Long, but an indictment of big money, big time “amateur” athletics at the collegiate level.

Be that as it may, ever the skeptic, I didn’t see it coming. I thought Bobby Petrino, a human cesspool by any standard, would have been given perhaps a suspension for a game or two, or might have had to forfeit any pay raise for a season. But be back roaming the Razorback sidelines.

But no. He’s outtathere . . . fired with cause.

Just kind of makes you smile, doesn’t it?

Makes you feel that there are still powers in the world of sports who stand up for truth, justice and the American Way.

So, stand tall, Jeff Long.

And, Bobby, sayonara, dude. Don’t let the door hit you in a cracked rib on the way out.

– Seedy K


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