Monthly Archives: April 2012

Sports Is On The Back Burner

I‘m in New Orleans for JazzFest. Today I’ve heard people down here talk about Trombone Shorty, but nary a mention of Oliver Luck. Which is to say that sports talk here will be sparse for the next 10 days. But, if you want to hear about all matters New Orleans and JazzFest, come on board […]

Tuesday Titterings: Smith, Jones & Others

A little of this and a little of that: I don’t care that Terrence Jones had a flotilla of media types following along. I thought it kinda neat that he kept his promise and brought flowers to the U of L cheerleader he pummeled while chasing a loose ball in the NCAA semis. Maybe it […]

I’m Still Here: Sunday’s Snarls & Snippets

Yes, my loyal readers, I’m still around. Just kind of hit the wall after the Final Four. Misplaced my muse. Had an early season slump, to use baseball lingo. (Though nothing like the BoSox sputtering start. Beantowners aren’t jumping off Fanueil Hall’s tower . . . yet . . . reports my on the scene […]

Ozzie, Little Ricky: Where’s the Justice?

So I just got an email from a loyal reader and b-ball fanatic, asking about the implosions on the Belknap Campus. Earlier this week we find out that U of L’s singular recruit, Terry Rozier isn’t eligible yet. Now Little Ricky is apparently off to Florida International, and rumored to be taking Florida native Mark […]

Jeff Long Stands Strong

You know how as December rolls around annually, Sports Illustrated always chooses a Sportsperson of the Year? The person selected is supposed to not only have excelled in his/ her athletic endeavors, but to represent the finest in human traits to which we all are supposed to aspire. Well, sports fans, there’s a clear leader […]

Out of Shape for Baseball

For the first time in years, I tuned into Opening Day yesterday. My Detroit Tigers were hosting the BoSox, and it was on the tube. Saw Justin Verlander hurl the last six outs of his 2 hit, 8 shutout innings. He was as masterful as last season when he clearly established himself as the best […]

This One is Petrino’s Fault

Remember back when the powers that be shamelessly blamed all the ills of the disastrous Steve Kragthorpe era on his predecessor Bobby Petrino? Well, it was all a bunch of hoo hah. Kragthorpe couldn’t head coach his way out of a crowded elevator. It wasn’t Bobby’s fault. But this mess he’s in now down in […]

FFFFinest Sports Week of the Year???

It’s a rhetorical question, that title that has lured you into my lair. But a legitimate one nonetheless. Among the happenings this fine week: Final Four Weekend. Now there are those college hoops fans who believe the start of practice in October is bigger. For others it’s that national signing day when we see John […]

Last Look Back: College Hoops ’11-’12

And so we bid a fond adieu to the mesmerizing land of Hoopsylvania, with her soaring giants, ever changing native garb, quaint folk ways and odd choice of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” as its national anthem. Some final thoughts. * * * * * Post season polls always bring a smile. It’s as if the […]

Hats Off to the Champion Kentucky Wildcats

This is that moment that comes with every Kentucky championship team when we scribes need to give ‘em a nickname that sticks. Here’s the one I’m tossing in the ring: The Inevitables. UK beat the eventual national runner up Kansas Jayhawks on a neutral court the second game of the season. We shoulda known it […]