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Louisville Card File: New Mexico

Wow! Woe. Whoa! U of L’s three point nailbiter over New Mexico was the season in microcosm. Wow. The Cards opened the second half with an 18-4 run to grab a 44-29 lead with 13:03 to play. Woe. Louisville didn’t score for the next five minutes, giving up an 0-8 run that cut the lead […]

BasketScrawls: Wheat From Chaff Saturday

Other than our love for basketball here in Hoopsylvania, there are few things we do agree on . . . except Duke. So it came as no surprise when my neighbor Tim this morning asked, simply and concisely and without further elaboration or need for elaboration, “Where were you?” He and his bride were at […]

Scouting New Mexico: Will the Wolf Survive?

Not to free fall into negativitude or anything, but the last time I felt like this this time of year before a Louisville Cardinal NCAA tournament game, I was sitting in the media room at Lucas Oil Stadium, reading up on Michigan State before the regional final several years back. It was the first time […]

BasketScrawls: First Friday Afternoon, Part I

2:13 pm. With less than 4:00 on the clock, Texas has just tied Cincy at 52 in the first game of the day. At one point, the Bearcats were up 16-2. It should have been an insurmountable 25-2. At least. The Longhorns went over ten minutes without a tally in the first half. Mick Cronin’s […]

BasketScrawls: Chalking Up Day #1

So what that yesterday was pretty much chalk. Higher seeds won every game, but for two. And VCU is to the 2012 tourney as Butler was to the 2011 tourney. Which is to say that they’ve obviously got more fuel in the tank for a second year coming out run. Sooooooo, the W over Wichita […]

BasketScrawls: Opening Thursday Evening

Tonight is my first up and close personal look at the Kentucky Wildcats. I would like to find fault. I cannot. Okay, they have a short bench, and one of the guys who comes in is Kyle Wiltjer, who, his excellent stroke notwithstanding, looks like he should be playing for Trinity’s JV, Davidson or Vermont. […]

Louisville Card File: Davidson

Okay then, exhale, Cardinal fans. And, remember, there are no Russian judges to placate. Style points do not matter. Survive and advance. This herky jerky edition of the Louisville Cards lives to play another day. Okay, enough cliches. * * * * * This game was won, offense-wise, at the charity stripe.

BasketScrawls: Opening Thursday Morning

In the press room yesterday at the Yum!, I asked around to see if any of the scribes gathered from hither and yon had any inside skinny on the situation of former future Cardinal great, Fab Melo? One columnist from a national sports website offered, “I’ve heard he concentrates on two things. Blocking shots. And […]

They’re Back: Bellarmine Goes For Back to Back

Syracuse’s beleaguered coach Jim Boeheim might get Bellarmine’s Scotty Davenport on the line. The coach of the DII defending champs has his Knights back to the Elite Eight for a shot at a repeat. And they got their without starting center Luke Sprague, an integral part of the Bellarmine team. No starting center. No problem. […]

Madness x 2: WKU, BYU Rally for Ws

Actually the header ought to have read Madness Squared, what with the Prime Minister of Britain sitting in the front row with President Obama and all. Guys hitting threes and staring down the world leaders. And that was just the start. Western Kentucky was down by 16 with less than 5:00 to play, and Clark […]