BasketScrawl Sunday: 4 Teams, 2 Spots

I imagine fans wearing Cardinal infraRed and those wailing O-H . . . I-O shall be watching today’s games with a little calmer attitude than yesterday.

Louisville and Ohio State are booked to New Orleans. Praise the Lord, and call my man Bob at Galatoire’s to save a table. (And, for one of THE great dishes in the world, go to Drago’s and order some of those grilled oysters.)

But the Cats, Bears, Jayhawks and Tar Heels are about to get after it. Four teams enter, two survive and advance.

* * * * *

Given the virulence that permeates the UK vs U of L fan dialog, I can’t imagine that more than a few Wildcat followers are a might more fidgety today, knowing that little brother has already qualified for the Final Four. And from out of the blue really.

And, given the jealousy that Coach Cal displays now and again about his coaching rival down the road, I can’t imagine that UK’s coach is not a might more fidgety today, knowing that The Rick has already qualified for the Final Four. And from out of the blue really.

But I’ve got to wonder if it will have any effect whatsoever on Kentucky’s players? U of L fans certainly would like to think so. But it’s hard to imagine.

However, should UK take care of business today, watch out, the upcoming week in Hoopsylvania will be like none other. (And I ain’t talkin’ the Masters either, Jim Nantz.)

* * * * *

I’ve never much taken to Baylor coach Scott Drew. Those who follow recruiting closely say he’s one of the two dirtiest coaches in the biz. (No, Cal is not the other.)

Then I read a story this morning about how his parents drove all the way from Valpo to watch the Bears play in Atlanta this weekend. Both are dealing with serious cancer issues. Drew didn’t even acknowledge them in the stands. Stay classy, Waco.

* * * * *

Were I a Kentucky fan today, my fear would be that the game between the highly-rated, long, tall, quick and athletic Cats and the highly-rated long, tall, quick and athletic Bears turns into an AAU affair. These guys have all met before, probably in some 10:00 am game in Vegas between some Pump brother’s teams.

If discipline gets lost, UK’s advantage dissipates.

* * * * *

How much does winning matter to the conferences of the land?

A whole lot, according to a blurb in this morning’s N Y Times.

Each game a school plays in the tourney — with the exception of the title game — is worth $242,204 to the school’s league. For six years. So, the Big East will harvest $7,266,120 for the Cardinals’ run in this season’s NCAA.

It’s not so long ago, that the money went straight to the schools themselves.

– Seedy K

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  1. gnash001
    Posted March 25, 2012 at 8:02 pm | Permalink

    I seriously hope that CRP is studying the
    SEC championship game very closely. If Vanderbilt can do it, so can the Cards!

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