Sunday Morning PG: A Hoopaholic Shares

Hi. My name’s Seedy K, and I’m a hoopaholic.

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Scotty Davenport’s Bellarmine Knights took it on the chin yesterday in the GLVC tourney semis.

Just another reminder how tough it is for any school in this Division II region to make it to the Elite Eight. It’s the roughest league in the land, and playing familiar foes again and again wears.

Which confirms how stunning Bellarmine’s record has been for the last couple seasons. And how difficult it is to advance in the post season. Beating good teams three or even four times is a Herculean task. We can only hope that the Knights score home court advantage for the regional. It would make their task somewhat easier, but far from a given.

* * * * *

Like most around here, I’ve fallen in love with Murray State’s Racers.

They’re good, and also play a very mature game. When they fell behind late yesterday in the OVC final, there was never any sense of panic. They pulled it out at the end, assuring them the highest possible seed, perhaps even a #4.

That said, I found myself pulling for Tennessee State. This also is a team that plays a steady game. Coach John Cooper has done a great job since taking over in 2009.

It’s not that I wanted Murray State to lose, it’s just that I love to see more underdogs make it to the Dance, as opposed to mediocre big conference teams.

* * * * *

Speaking of which, I find it fascinating what a run of the mill also ran U of L has become as the season winds down.

Whatever Rick Pitino has done to/with this squad, it hasn’t worked. Instead of masking the team’s flaws, they have become more manifest as the season has progressed.

His comments these days sound like someone in denial. He talks like he can fashion some sort of Extreme Makeover Tournament Edition to magically transform the Cards at this late date, when only fine tuning should be in order.

A loss on Wednesday to the Seton Hall/ Providence victor would portend the most ignominious ending to a U of L season in, well, perhaps, ever.

This team looks like toast.

* * * * *

In an hour, UK will tip off in Gainesville, for arguably the Cats’ toughest league test of the season.

It, of course, brings up the age old question, would an L help or hurt the Cats? Or, be meaningless?

The last time Kentucky ran the table in the SEC, the school was throttled by Tom Crean, Dwyane Wade and Marquette in the NCAAs.

* * * * *

There shall be no third Cinderella post season for Brad Stevens Butler Bulldogs.

Valpo ended their astonishing  run last night in the Horizon tourney. The Indy school finished the season with 20 Ws though. Not bad.

Will Stevens still top everyschool’s fan list of hoped for next coach after another season like this one?

* * * * *

Don’t count out Wichita State when filling out your brackets. After besting Illinois State twice during the regular season, the Shockers were shocked by the Redbirds by a digit last night during Arch Madness.

(For reference to phenomena, see comments on Bellarmine above.)

This is still a really good basketball team.

* * * * *

Belmont won the Atlantic Sun again.

Next year, the Bruins move to the OVC.

I guess the latter league is more prestigious.

* * * * *

There’s some zesty Big Ten action today to end the regular seaon.

IU vs. Purdue.

Ohio State vs. Michigan State.

* * * * *

One thing we won’t have to worry about seeing in a week in the Selection Sunday aftermath is Seth Greenberg braying about being left out.

Virginia Tech is 15-15 with 0 hope of winning the ACC tourney.

– Seedy K

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