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Big Easy, Big ???: Can U of L Beat UK?

It’s important to understand, despite its nickname, there’s nothing easy at all about New Orleans. America’s most unique city, a place with a sense of community and culture like none other in the world, always has an edge. Will the levees break again, taking the town down for good? Will the murder rate escalate? What […]

New Orleans Primer: What To Do Until Tipoff

Rule #1: Bourbon Street is nothin’. It’s filled with titty bars and places that’ll sell you overpriced drinks with more sugar than alcohol. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for a fight, or looking for people who are looking for a fight. Which is to say: O V E R R A T […]

Count Down To Tipoff: United We Stand, Divided We Ball

First off, kudos to my very creative editor Sarah Kelley for coming up with the righteously clever — and absolutely dead on — take on the motto of the Commonwealth for this week’s LEO cover. United We Stand, Divided We Ball. Ain’t it the truth. Anyhow, in this week’s print edition, on stands all around […]

BasketScrawl Sunday: 4 Teams, 2 Spots

I imagine fans wearing Cardinal infraRed and those wailing O-H . . . I-O shall be watching today’s games with a little calmer attitude than yesterday. Louisville and Ohio State are booked to New Orleans. Praise the Lord, and call my man Bob at Galatoire’s to save a table. (And, for one of THE great […]

Louisville Card File: Florida

It is at such joyous moments as this that fans are able to parse their peculiar idiosyncrasies, yet abide those of fellow acolytes. In his New York Times game story, covering Louisville’s come from behind W yesterday over Florida to advance to the Final Four, Greg Bishop writes about Peyton Siva’s ubiquitous dad. Seems that […]

Louisville Card File: Michigan State

Rarely at a loss for words or opinion, I am, frankly at this juncture, not sure where to start? But this amazing story must be analyzed, right? Or, at least considered, if beyond any empirical explanation. Okay, let’s start here. With 11:39 to play, the Cards, in a tailspin had called timeout. It was to […]

Thursday Dispatch: Knights Roll, Mania Moved & Mo’ (Mostly Hoops)

Twice this week, because of circumstance, I’ve found myself listening to hoops on the radio. On Monday, I had a meeting that prevented me from watching the U of L’s women’s game. So I listened in the car on the way home. I was struck by how much information play by play announcer Matt Andrews […]

BasketScrawls: Scouting Sparty

There’s been an odd rhythm to Michigan State’s season. The Spartans opened 0-2, losing to Carolina on an aircraft carrier and to Duke on a neutral court. Adhering to the philosophy that made Denny Crum a Hall of Fame, and two-time national champ, Tom Izzo knew all was well and good. He didn’t panic. Sparty […]

Tuesday Tidbits: PMS & Other Things That Actually Matter (Hoops)

Before I move on to matters that matter, I must work to lift a Cease & Desist Order (CDO) imposed on me by the Assimilation & Enforcement Committee (AEC) of the United States United Sports Writers of America Association (USUSWAA). Apparently I’ve violated association policy in that I haven’t mentioned Peyton Manning enough to meet […]

BasketScrawl Sunday: Hitting the Wall

It finally happened today after three consecutive days of noon to midnight hoops. I hit the wall, the hoops equivalent of the Boston Marathon’s Heartbreak Hill. It appeared from the first half that Georgetown/ North Carolina State was going to be a good one. The Film Babe and I went to the movies anyway. (“21 […]