Monthly Archives: February 2012

Sorta Super Bowl: Eli’s Not Coming, He’s Arrived

I knew this year’s version of America’s Great Shared Holiday — Super Bowl Sunday a/k/a Avocados ‘r’ Us Day — was going to be weird from the get go. Based on a suggestion of Doc, another regular attendee, I’d mentioned to annual host Jan that instead of the normal annual choice of chilis, she serve […]

Louisville Card File: Rutgers

It was as if we’d been transported back to one of those oh we wish we could forget moments about a decade ago in the still arcing career of Dickie V. When he realized the producers could and would stop a replay if he just shouted “STOP IT!!!!” loud enough. Fortunately you could then hit […]

Furious Friday: Royalty, Raging Rivalries & Recruiting

Are we tired of hearing about Peyton Manning? I certainly am. The King of Super Bowl Media Week has morphed into Brett Favre before our very eyes. You’d think they guy stopped funding for breast cancer research or something of little consequence like that. * * * * * Sports fans here in Hoopsylvania pride […]