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College Hoops Zoo: Cage the Zebras

Zebras are reactionaries. – Paul Simon If there’s a name in college hoops that’s been bandied about more this season than probable POY Anthony Davis, it’s Karl Hess. He’s a ref. He’s the reason Syracuse only has one loss because he failed to call an obvious goal tend at the end of the Orange’s game […]

Louisville Card File: Pittsburgh

I have had serious dental procedures without Novocaine that were less painful than watching U of L’s wobbly 57-54 W this afternoon over an inexplicably awful Pitt Panther contingent. Those “Marathon Man” moments were truly terrifying. Don’t ask why I passed on the anesthetic, I have no reasonable answer. Watching today? Way more painful. Honest. […]

Louisville Card File: Cincy

Revised 2/25 2:15 pm Here’s the bottom line that is becoming ever more apparent. (Perhaps it’s been obvious to objective observers for a while.) The Louisville Cardinals have a slightly better than average team, with only the faintest hope of advancing very far into the NCAA tournament. There are glaring weaknesses that are, on occasion […]

Sunday PG: Murray State Steps Up, Karl Hess Should Step Down & Mo’

Yes, St. Mary’s was a bit short handed. And, yes, the Gaels were coming off a midweek league loss at Loyola Marymount, and had to make the arduous road trip from the Bay Area to western KY. All that said, the left coasters were gobsmacked last night. The Murray State Racers came up huge. They […]

Louisville Card File: DePaul

For the most part, I find ESPN’s Doug Gottleib a less than stellar analyst. Either by nature or professional choice, he’s chosen to be a negative presence, always finding flaws when breaking down a team or situation. (I’ve been accused of the same, so I know it when I see it.) I have been inclined […]

Thursday’s Dispatch: College Conferences, Coach Cal & More

I long ago turned on the mute button when conversations as they all too often have in recent months wended their way to the subject of Big East realignment. Since West Virginia and the league recently cut their $20 million deal, the cacophony has been so loud the chatter has bled through my noise erasing […]

Louisville Card File: Syracuse

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Even those oversized inanimate faces in the student section knew that Peyton Siva was going to drive to the hoop on U of L’s last chance to upset Syracuse last night. It was Notre Dame deja vu all over again. So, with seconds to play, Peyton Siva drove to the […]

Monday Musings: Politics, Tiger, Fuhgettaboutit? C’est Hoops.

So I stopped in Ghyslain, Louisville’s chic chocolatery on East Main Street, to get my sweetie, the Film Babe, a Valentine’s Day treat. And I ran into our town’s #1 political/ golf junkie, Congressman John Yarmuth. Diverting him from his salad, two smart phones and iPad, I tried to engage him about a recent Obama […]

Louisville Card File: West Virginia

My favorite moment of the game was Chane Behanan’s defense on the sequence that ended at 1:43 on the clock with Deniz Kilicili’s 5th foul. CB fought for every inch of hardwood. The zebras let the guys jostle each other like sumo wrestlers. The Mountaineer pivot would try to post up. CB would get a […]

Louisville Card File: UConn (Funky Video Included)

Revised 2/07 1:22 pm Allow me to now praise the worthy. Rick Pitino. Last night’s evisceration of the Huskies was kickstarted in the second half when U of L began trapping UConn’s guards after they crossed mid court. The visitors turned it over 11 times after the break, resulting in a dozen Louisville points. As […]