Football Sunday, Part I: Futbol Failure

For reasons too uninteresting to explain, I have become a fan of Tottenhem Hotspur, a soccer team in Britain’s Premier League. (I shall also save my reasons for becoming a soccer fan in general this late in life. I know you could care less.)

Anyway, my Hotspur — What a great nickname, a reason for part of my affection for sure! — stands third in the league, and met leader Manchester City today. The game was on Fox Soccer with an 8:25 am kickoff. Kind of Breakfast at Wimbledon, Winter Edition.

Only the few avid soccer fans who might come across this blog could care about the details. Luckily, I’m not going into many, since my knowledge of the game is most rudimentary. (I would have passed along the observations of the color announcer, but the bloke’s Scottish brogue was so thick I simply couldn’t understand him.)

I can say the first half was seriously underwhelming. It ended nil-nil. Not that a scoreless game is de facto unexciting. But this one was.

The Baby Blues — that would be Man City — took control, seemingly for good, with a two goals in three minutes outburst just before the sixty minute mark. Nasri tallied at :56. Prescott, just three minutes later.

But Defoe bounced one in after a long kick a minute later for Tottenhem. Which was followed by Gareth Bale’s tying mark at :64. From boring and without tally to four goals in less than ten minutes. Boffo.

Tottenhem looked like it might do the improbable, but Defoe was just wide on a possible winner a couple of minutes into extra time.

Then TH’s Ledley King fouled Mario Barotelli in the box with less than a minute to play. The Italian tallied.

Man City increased their lead over third place Tottenhem, and held steady against city rival Man United, which also won today, besting Arsenal, 2-1.

It was not the most pleasant beginning to today’s triple header.

– Seedy K

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