Monthly Archives: December 2011

U of L Cardinal Trivia: In case you were wondering . . .

. . . Louisville’s best start ever was in ’74-’75. The Sports Illustrated jinx took awhile to kick in that season. The ‘zine picked U of L to win the national title. The Bridgeman/ Murphy/ Cox squad started off the year by winning 13 in a row, before falling at Bradley. More stunning is that […]

Sunday Morning QB: Irritable Bowl Syndrome & Romeo, Oh Romeo

Oh, if only I were clever enough to have myself created that most righteous phrase — irritable bowl syndrome. Sigh. I must give credit where due, to Tim Cowlishaw on “Around the Horn.” That due now having been paid, I’m sure I’ll continue to use it in the future with impunity, and without any further […]

Louisville Card File: Memphis State

I’ve said it before, and I repeat. Memphis State is Louisville’s biggest rival. Yes, bigger than any team in the Big East, bigger than UK, because there have been many more heated, meaningful games against the Tigers through the decades than against the Cats or anybody else. Former Tiger star and coach, Larry Finch, put […]

Seedy K’s Boffo Bowl Picks, Part Uno: Eat Your Heart Out, Joey the Vig

Deck the halls with Bowls of folly Fa la la la la, la la la la . . . It’s that time of year, officially ESPN sweeps month, a/k/a College Football Bowl Season. Every major college team in the land that won at least half its games gets a +1 for its fans to crow […]

Tuesday’s Testosteronian Tussles: Gates vs. Frease, Prokhorov vs. Putin, Harrison vs. NFL & the Undercard

Contrition vs. No Contrition. Yancy Gates sat there and cried like a man. Good for him. Does his apology yesterday, which seemed heartfelt, and was certainly emotional, make up for sucker punching Xavier center Kenny Frease? Of course not. But, in my book, it goes along way. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody — except maybe Tim […]

Sunday Morning PG: Hoosiers Nicksin’, Cats Jonesin’, Bearcats & Musketeers Brawlin’, Cards Sleepwalkin’

There is a singular aspect to Kentucky’s loss at the horn to Indiana that intrigues beyond any other facet of the hard fought tilt. Whither Terrence Jones? On the way home from U of L’s snoozefest, I listened to the end of the first half of UK/ IU as the Wildcats scored 7 straight to […]

Louisville Card File: Fairleigh Dickinson

The University of Louisville men’s basketball team was scheduled to play Fairleigh Dickinson this afternoon at 4:00 o’clock in the Yum! Neither team showed up. – Seedy K

Louisville Card File: IUPUI

Who knew Darnell Archey still had eligibility left? The former Butler Bulldog, the guy who torched U of L’s #4 seed in the ’03 NCAA Round of 32 with eight — count ‘em, 8 — treys, made a surprise appearance last night at the Yum!, wearing an IUPUI uni. Or, at least, his ghost did. […]

Bowl Picks on the Way, Joey the Vig’s Back in Biz

Just when I was so sure that the knock on the door would be Wayne, My UPS guy, with the hip new brogans I ordered from Zappos, my world was interrupted by “emissaries” from you know who. Just when I thought Joey the Vig had retired to Bora Bora, to loll in the sun, drinking […]

Some Saturday Night Sports Snippets

Kentucky only had 7 blocks this afternoon in their hang tough 1 point W over Carolina. But, oh my, how timely the last one was. Long, lean, lithe and supertalented Anthony Davis blocked a 12 foot jumper by long, lean, lithe and supertalented John Henson. Ball game. So I now have inked in these two […]